Introducing Alexandra

AlexandraBonjour, the name is Alexandra. I’m an 18-year-old book obsessed & currently majoring in Translation & Interpreting. I live in Spain; normally you will find me trying to survive the streets of Barcelona but I’m really from a cold as heck town.

I’m most likely tucked between the pages of my books, listening to music or fangirling about TV shows. The way to my heart is well written strong female characters & flawed characters with a heart of gold. If you have a book recommendations with those characteristics send it my way.

I’m well-known for liking every genre ever to exist, but my preferences are Young Adult (High Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary & Fantasy), New Adult & Adult. But really I’m up for anything as long as it’s well written & it’s entertaining.

I would love to travel the world, try new experiences, read all the books I can &someday become a successful woman. This is pretty much it, if you feel like we share any traits you should contact me. I hope you enjoy our blog & never stop reading for it’s the perfect way to escape our reality.


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