Introducing Paula

Hi everyone,

PaulaMy name is Paula, I’m 19 and I live in Spain. I’m a uni student and in my free time I enjoy reading and reviewing as well as taking photographs, watching Marvel movies, eating and fangirling over Harry Potter. I read mainly YA and NA but I always enjoy some based-on-real-life books and historical fiction. Some of my favorite things are chocolate milkshakes, the smell of old books, Harry Styles, the word “allure”, seeing the sun rays through tree branches (I am so poetic) and my Calloway Sisters. If I were to describe myself I don’t know what words I would use but I’m that girl that whenever she is panicking asks herself: “what would Hermione Granger do?” But I don’t know where that leaves me.

So yeah this pretty much sums me up, if you want to know me more you can always get in touch with me here or on my twitter (username: garrisonsabbey).

Be happy, okay?


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