Introducing Rheeza

RheezaHi! I’m Rheeza. Unfortunately, I haven’t received my Hogwarts letter. Yet. So now I’m taking up AB Psychology in a muggle university. I live in Philippines.

If I will describe myself I’ll say that I might be a non-feeling rude person that will STAND UP AND WALK TOWARDS YOU and cry because I’m a delicate flower. So basically, I am a walking contradiction. I could probably back-flip off the empire state building and be totally casual about it because that’s just the fangirl’s life. Basically I live between the pages of a book. What can I say, fiction is waaay cooler than reality. Give me a good book, a cold choco, plus a comfy seat and I’ll be in cloud 9. I do not have a preferred genre because I read any books that I think are good though lately I’m obsessing over New Adult books more.

So if you love to read and want to know that there are many of us out there with the same passion then you’re welcome here. Curiosity killed the cat but we’re not cats are we? So do not be afraid to learn and read books because it could probably be the best thing in the world.


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