Release: Chasing the Tide by A. Meredith Walters

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Hello everyone!

Chasing the tide is being released in just 14 days (!!) I’m so excited, it was no long ago I read Reclaiming the Sand (if you want to know what it is about check the recommendation post from last Friday) and that means I haven’t forgotten many details from the book which also means a lot of other things like FEELS FEELS FEELS. I really can’t wait to read more from the love of my life Flynn Hendrick, seriously you all need to meet that boy because he is the cutest to ever exist. I know there would probably be some more troubles in paradise in this next book (nothing can ever be perfect in the life of our unfortunate characters) but still the character development is so strong I have no doubt they will get over whatever comes in their way. Or I hope so.


The ending of the previous book was painful but beautiful all things considered, but it was an open ending that led you to cry and be happy at the same time. My favorite thing is probably Flynn’s POV, I love being on his shoes and trying to see life the way he does (which let me tell you is both simple and complicated). He wants to do things but his detachment from normal feelings doesn’t help him at all in his fight for doing the right thing and being considarate. But I’m not gonna talk anymore about this characters because Rheeza is going to do an amazing review of Reclaiming the Sand this week and I don’t want to take things from her, so with all this being said I hope you go buy the book this month and enjoy Flynn as much as I do.


Much love x

paula     calloway sisters


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