Review: Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward



In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing more than Wrath, the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

The only purebred vampire left on earth, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But, when one of his most trusted fighters is killed-leaving his half-breed daughter unaware of his existence or her fate-Wrath must usher her into the world of the undead-a world of sensuality beyond her wildest dreams.


Hello everyone, I’m back with some more reviews!

So today I bring you Dark Lover the first book on a series of thirteen books (at least so far there are thirteen) called the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Every book is centered in a different love story one for each member of the Brotherhood and then some, but what is the Brotherhood?

The vampires are a race in danger of extintion because they are persecuted by the lessers, undead people who look like humans but have just a hole where their heart should be, they conserve the heart in a jar and it is their most precious possession. This beings are soulless  creatures who hunt vampires at night, they can be identified for they distinct pale hair and eyes and also their baby-powder smell. This group gets especially dangerous as Mr. X takes control, he is a true psycopath that will not stop until he has annihilated the Brotherhood and especially the King.

That’s right, vampires have a King a very hot, very agressive King whose name is Wrath, he is the only pure blood vampire left but instead of taking his rightful place on the throne he would rather fight with his friends and warriors of the Brotherood. So the Brotherhood is a group of the strongest vampire warriors and they protect the civilians and keep the lessers at bay.

The book starts with the warrior Darius talking to Wrath about his only daughter Beth, Beth is a  halfbreed daughter of a vampire and a human, she doesn’t know her father but he has been watching her from a distance since she was a kid. The thing is every vampire goes through a transisition when they are around 25 and then is when they truly become vampires, until then they can live as humans, neither needing blood nor anything else related to that world but when the transition comes each of them needs to feed from a vampire of the opposite sex. This process is a really complicated one and doesn’t assure the subjects survival, that’s why Darius asks Wrath to help Beth through the transition, because his blood is very strong. At the beginning Wrath declines but a tragic accident makes him change his mind and try to help.

He has never been a sensitive guy (never had to) but soon realizes that when you have to make someone believe that they are a vampire you have to be kind of sensitive.

Their relationship starts good, very good if I’m being honest but then she finds out Wrath isn’t who she thought he was (in his defence he never said he was any of what she asumed), and therefore she mistruts him but he bargains something really hard to refuse, information about his father. This leads to a really hot and steamy romance and loads of action because when you have a group of huge vampires and some lessers, that’s the only way out.

In the book you also get to know a bit about the other brothers, we have Rhage aka Hollywood he is the prettiest of them all but he is cursed (book #2 is about him), Vishious who can see the future and knows how all of them die, he is also cursed although in a different way, Phury and Zsadist are twins, they used to look alike but not anymore, Zsadist face is distorted by a gigant scar and he is considered the scary one, Phury is missing a leg. The last one is Tohr, he is the only brother mated (with a couple) of the group, his shellan (wife) is Wellsie, a beautiful redhead and she is also pregnant, they are so cute *heart eyes emojis for all of them*

“I love you, leelan.”

“What does that word mean?”

“Something close to ‘dearest one’.”

My favorite thing about this book was that everyone in it isn’t perfect, none of them are the typical perfect guys from some books, they are real (as real as vampires can get). But the realness doesn’t stop in the characters but also in the relationships between them, otps and brotps are strong in these books and I just can’t help but love when a guy shows his weakness and accepts they aren’t perfect. That’s probably the most important point of this books to be imperfect doesn’t necessarily mean you are weak.

If you are like me and would love to mix a bit of supernatural with a bit of action and romance this book is definitely for you. I highly recommend to everyone who reads it not to ignore the glossary at the beginning of it because if you do you’ll have to come back to it to try and understand several situations.

I hope you decide to read it and love it as much as I do.

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