Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

the night circus


The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called “Le Cirque des Reves,” and it is only open at night.


The summary is longer than that, but I recommend you read it, with only this in mind. It makes the book so much more magical. Because that’s what this book is. Magical. And I will not spoil that unique experience for you, so I will not tell you much about this book, other than it was unique, amazing and mindblowing.

“You think, as you walk away from Le Cirque des Rêves and into the creeping dawn, that you felt more awake within the confines of the circus. You are no longer quite certain which side of the fence is the dream.”

I will not tell you much about the story, other than that it will have you hooked the moment you turn that first page. You will not be able to put it away, wanting to drown in the world of his peculiar circus.

“I couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what I wanted to be real.”

I will not tell you much about the characters, for there are so many of them. The book follows three main characters, but you will follow everyone’s tale. You will read scenes out of ten different point of views. You will fall in love with certain characters, root for them, hoping they will succeed.

“Everything I have done, every change I have made to that circus, every impossible feat and astounding sight, I have done for her.”

“Nothing’s impossible,” Poppet responds. She smiles at him and jumps, her red hair trailing out behind her as she falls.”

You will fall in love with the Circus, with it’s magic and mystery, like the padrons wandering the paths did, when they visited it, and feeling a little hollow when the Circus left. Like you, you will miss it, when you close the book, leaving your heart a little empty.

“Something about the circus stirs their souls, and they ache for it when it is absent.”

You will perhaps not understand the plot in the beginning, but I don’t have to beg you to keep reading. You will. You will want to discover the mystery of this Circus, the characters and you will want to know the plot.

“Magic,” the man in the grey suit repeats, turning the word into a laugh. “This is not magic. This is the way the world is, only very few people take the time to stop and note it.”

You wander through the Circus, visiting the illusionist who will make you question real and not real. Walk through the Cloud Maze, watch the contortionist while you wonder if she has any bones at all, and visit the fortune teller. Anything is possible, it’s the Circus of Dreams after all..

“Now the circus is open. Now you may enter.”

amy calloway sisters

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