What if Jonathan Morgenstern had lived: the first fight

If you read City of Heavenly Fire, you can probably still remember how you felt when Jonathan died. Angry, sad, disappointed, unfair he died before he got a chance to live. I felt it all. So did my brain. My mind started playing with the concept What If Jonathan Had Lived? That’s why I’ve decided to write this series of short scenes. They all take place after the ending of COHF (apart from the first one) and all include Jonathan Morgenstern. I do not own these characters and these events never happened, it’s all from my imagination.This scene takes place when the boys are going on a demon hunt.

Alec, Jace, Jonathan and Simon were standing in front of an old, abandoned church. All four of them were in black gear. Jace almost bored, Simon nervous, he had almost bitten his nails off to the beds. Jonathan kept shifting from feet to feet, but with adrenaline pumping in his veins and Alec… Well Alec looked like had to babysit the bunch. “This is it fellows.” Jace said, slapping Jonathan on the shoulder. “Your first fight. After this, you will no longer be initiates, you will be shadowhunters. That is,” he turned on his feet so he could look at both Simon and Jonathan, “if you survive. Then you will be part of us-”
“Are you done or do you need to throw a champagne bottle against the wall?” Jonathan asked dryly and Simon coughed, it sounded like a laugh. “I should have thought of bringing a champagne bottle. I have a can of coke, we can do it with that.” Jace started taking off his backpack but Alec stopped him. “We don’t have time for this shit. Let’s go.” He pushed open the door with a creak and once they were inside, it was almost pitch black, only a single crack of light coming from under the door. Jonathan took his witchlight out, just able to make out Simon’s face who was standing next to him, chewing his lip nervously. Jonathan nudged him. “They won’t let us get killed.” he murmured to Simon under his breath. He just nodded, his pupils big. “Are you guys coming or are you just going to wait at the door?” Jace’s voice sliced the dark and they both quickly started walking. Jonathan held up his witchlight, and rested his otherh and on his blade. He heard his heartbeat pumping in his chest, slamming against his ribcage. “A little faster, before we’re dead, please.” Jace sneered, louder than he probably should, which made Jonathan jump. His feet didn’t touch the ground, but something else. Something… slimy. “Jonathan, behind you!” Alec called out. Jonathan turned on his heels, pulling his seraph blade out. He was met with a monstrous sight.  A snake-like body, slime dripping off out of his huge beak that contained a big amount of sharp teeth, like razorblades. “Jonathan!” Jace snapped, and he stumbled back. Wrong thing to do. The creature roared and lunged forward. “Run!” Alec yelled and they all ducked into a nearby passageway, making a sprint. They ran until they ended up in a huge hall, which, Jonathan thought, probably used to be where they held the services on Sunday. They ducked behind a pillar. “You two, Simon, Jonathan, distract it. Alec and I will attack it from behind.” Jace pulled his seraph blade out, giving it a name and it lit up. “How?” Simon puffed and Jace shot him a look, his golden eyes flaming. “I don’t care if you start tapdancing or ride around on a unicycle, as long as you distract it.” He motioned Alec with a nod of his head and the two disappeared into the dark. “Can you tapdance?” Simon choked on his nervous laughter. “We can just call it.” Jonathan whispered. “How?” Jonathan shoved his seraph blade back and walked out into the open, waving with his witchlight. “Oh, little monster. We are here. Come and get us if you can!” A shudder went through the building and a roaring sound started getting closer. His heart pounded loud in his chest. “Yes, this way, creep!” He shouted and he and Simon both pulled out their blades. His palms were sweaty and his knuckles white from clutching the blade. Then, with a loud sound that sounded like something exploded, the snake demon crashed into the open space. “Ah, there you are. Right on time.” All of a sudden, he wasn’t nervous anymore. He knew exactly what to do, and when he met the monster’s eyes, flashbacks of him fighting came back. He might not be Sebastian anymore, but he still knew how to fight. He still knew how to kill. And he lunged forward, his seraph blade lighting up before it hit the demon.

“That was awesome!” Simon laughed as they made their way out of the church. Jonathan brushed his hair out of his eyes, grinning as well. This had been the first moment he had felt truly alive, and knew he belonged. Knew he was born for this. But now, in the right way. “Johnny boy, I have to say-” “It’s Jonathan.” “-that was pretty damn great.” Jace caught up with him, shoving his seraph blade in it’s holder. Demon blood was smeared on his gear and his face, but his eyes were alive and sparkling. Like Jonathan felt on the inside. “Thanks.” “You made me worry for nothing.” Jonathan looked at Jace grinning. “I didn’t know you could worry about people other than Clary.” He heard Simon laugh and to his surprise, Alec’s lips tugged up in a smile. “Beaten at your own game, little brother.” Alec ruffled Jace’s hair, leaving a trail of black slime. They made their way back to the Institute. No one could see them through the glamour, but if they had been able to, they would have seen four boys in black clothes, smeared with slime and demon blood, tears in their jeans, but laughing like they just had the best time ever. And in a way, they had.

 If you have any requests for a Jonathan fanfic, leave your idea down in the comments!

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