What if Jonathan Morgenstern had lived: guys talk

If you read City of Heavenly Fire, you can probably still remember how you felt when Jonathan died. Angry, sad, disappointed, unfair he died before he got a chance to live. I felt it all. So did my brain. My mind started playing with the concept What If Jonathan Had Lived? That’s why I’ve decided to write this series of short scenes. They all take place after the ending of COHF (apart from the first one) and all include Jonathan Morgenstern. I do not own these characters and these events never happened, it’s all from my imagination. In this scene Jace, Simon and Jonathan are having a little bromance moment.

“Good, you’re here, come in.” Jace motioned to Jonathan who appeared in the door opening of the library. He walked to where Jace and Simon were sitting and fist bumped Simon before plopping down in one of the chairs. “What’s the matter, Herondale?” He asked as he looked at Jace. “I’ll tell you what’s the matter, Morgenstern.” Jace looked at them with a solemn expression crossing his features. “We are losing our manliness. We all have girlfriends, and we are spending too much time with them. In Raziel’s name, I painted Clary’s toenails yesterday.” Jonathan and Simon chuckled. “But don’t you love Clary enough to do that?” Jonathan asked. “That is besides the point, Jonah -“ “Jonathan.” “ – I’m saying that we need to have some time with the guys alone.” Jonathan nodded. “Where’s Alec?” Simon asked, leaning back in his chair. “He’s gay. He is around men all the time.” Jace declared. “Hm, I don’t know if you can count Magnus as a full on man..” Simon mused and Jonathan laughed. “You’re one to talk.” Jace said. “I’m a man.” Simon started but Jace interrupted him. “Just because you’re screwing with Isabelle doesn’t mean you’re a man.” Simon leaned forward, elbows propped on his knees. “Speaking of being a man, I’ve been wondering this for quite a while. What was on your mind when you stuffed condoms into your backpack when we were going into Hell?” Jonathan choked and started coughing. Simon continued. “Don’t you think it was an awful timing having sex when you’re on the verge of dying?” Jace’s eyes flicked from Simon to Jonathan, who now had a red head from coughing, and back to Simon. “She told you that?” Simon leaned back, looking amused. “Of course she did, she’s my best friend.” Jace snorted. “Of course. Well mundie, let me ask you this: is there a better timing to have sex than when your life hangs on a thin thread?” Simon opened his mouth, but Jace went on. “There’s not. There’s not a better way of showing someone you love them, than by doing it when you’re face to face with death. It wasn’t a matter of now or never with us, it was just the right timing.” Jace was completely serious now, something Jonathan hadn’t seen often in the past couple of months. “We were both ready to make that commitment even if one of us would die in that nearby future.” Then he reached in his pocket and threw something at Jonathan. “Don’t worry, Morgenstern. I saved you some.” He flashed a grin and with that he was back to his old self.  Jonathan caught the tiny packages in a reflex, his cheeks red. “I don’t think I’ll be using these anytime soon. River and I are not there yet.” He murmured. “Just ask if she wants to touch your mangoes. Works every time.” Jonathan sunk back in the chair and threw the condoms back at Jace. “God, you’re horrible. I wonder what my sister sees in you.” Jace smirked, stuffing the condoms back in his pocket. “My irresistible charm and good looks.”
“There isn’t much else there.” Simon said and he and Jonathan both started laughing. Jonathan laughed so hard, his stomach hurt and a tear slipped down his cheek. “Johnny boy, are you crying because you’re not as good looking as I am?” Jace asked. Jonathan sucked in a breath and sat up. “At least I have a great personality. Oh snap!” Simon gave him a high five. “You guys are so immature.” Jace muttered. “You’re just jealous.” teased Simon while Jonathan layed his arm on Simon’s shoulder, forming a union against Jace.  “Of your childish bickering? No, I don’t believe I am.” Jonathan smirked. “Ah, well Jace, if you ask nicely, perhaps Simon and I will tell you the plot of Star Wars.” Simon and Jace both snorted. “So I can be on the same level as special as Isabelle is? Why, I’m honored. I always knew you had the hots for me, Lewis.” Simon batted his eyelashes. “You caught me Jace. Let’s make out and have beautiful shadowhunter babies.” A grin pulled Jace’s lips up and he threw Simon a pillow, who caught it laughing. “If you don’t like us, why do you hang out with us?” Jonathan raised his eyebrows at Jace. “I feel sorry for you both, newbie shadowhunters, so I take it as my duty to make sure you don’t get eaten by demons.” Simon smashed the pillow in Jace’s face. “We’re not newbies anymore. Just admit you like hanging out with us.” Jace waved his comment away. “Whatever you want to believe, mundie.”
“Not a mundane.”
“You’ll always be one to me, Lewis.” Jonathan looked at his friends bickering, a smile on his lips, and wondered how in Raziel’s name he got so lucky to get a second chance at life.

If you have any ideas for a Jonathan fanfic, leave your request in the comment. 

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