Amour Amour & Costa Rica Discussion + Fuel the Fire teasers #FizzLIVE

Hey, it’s Alex here! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

Last night (it was more like early morning in Spain, but it was so worth it) Krista and Becca Ritchie, authors of the Addicted series and the circus themed standalone Amour Amour made a live chat where they talked about Amour Amour, the Costa Rica bonus material and Fuel the Fire, plus they answered some Fizzle Force questions. And they were wearing flower crowns, could they get any cuter?


I personally LOVED the Amour Amour discussion, they talked about my favorite topics and made me fall in love with the story and the characters all over again. The twins discussed Thora James’ fierceness, the making of the book, favorite scenes and lots of rotova (Thank you Siiri). They mentioned again the possibility of writing companions of Amour Amour and I’m silently praying it is about Luka, John and Timo or Katya. Or about all of them, I’m okay with that too. nsop4

I also sympathized a lot with Krista, I definitely relate with Thora and John the most and have a RBF going on. So whenever she said something like that I was hysterically nodding to my computer’s screen. Back to the point, then they talked about raisy, the Costa Rica bonus material and the future of raisy in Fuel the Fire and Long Way Down. Raisy is such a beautiful couple for me, it may have to do with the fact that they’re kind of the underdogs and they have found each other therefore they’re not so alone anymore, and everything just hurts. I can only say I’m both scared and thrilled about the upcoming books because I sense so much pain and happiness. We will need serious help after Long Way Down.

Then the whole world probably stopped because they mentioned that they are thinking about writing a tenth book, a kind of extended epilogue for the Addicted series, with all six points of view. They said they are only going to write it if they are certainly sure it’s necessary for the Like Us series. And it’s not to put pressure or anything, but I think the whole fandom needs this book to keep living their lives. Because this was basically my reaction to this news:


Finally to wrap things up, they gave us two Fuel the Fire teasers!

  1. Scott will be coming back for FtF. My first reaction was ‘Is this supposed to be good news?’ but then my second immediate reaction was ‘HE WILL FINALLY GET WHAT HE DESERVES’. Or maybe, we will meet a good side of him because frankly almost all the Ritchies’ “villians” have some sort of background story that makes you feel uncomfortable to just plain hate them. Let’s say, we either pity them or we love to hate them.
  2. Every coballoway shipper in the world after reading Addicted After All was probably wondering what reaction Connor had when Rose was wearing the Connor’s darling panties. But as it turns out, Rose chickened out and she didn’t wear them. Fortunately, they will be making an appearance in FtF. Yes, you read right. We have different theories, Paula and Amy agree that Connor will somehow make Rose wear them and I think she may wear them as a present for Connor’s birthday. This is what happens when you give away such a piece of information. Our minds are reeling.

Plus, sooner or later we will have the Coballoway Borabora bonus material *stops breathing*.

All of this should technically help us cope with the waiting but I’m seriously having issues to act normal, I just want to have all the books in my hands.


If you want to watch the live chat yourself, just click here and be happy, okay?

unnamed calloway sisters


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