Happy Birthday Sydney Sage!

Today is the birthday of our favorite female fictional character that has ever existed: Sydney Sage! For those who don’t know her: she’s the female protagonist in the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead (read it. read it now). She is turning 20 today and hopefully spending the day with Adrian. We wish her a very happy birthday and with The Ruby Circle less than a week away, I, Amy, decided to write a short fanfic for the occasion. Special thanks Hilary to for giving me the idea. I hope you enjoy it! 

“Adrian, what are you doing?” Sydney asked, while I guided her in to my apartment, covering her eyes with my hands. “Patience, Sage.” I said with a grin on my lips. She nudged me, her elbow poking in my ribs. “It’s Ivashkov now, remember?” I leaned in, my lips brushing her ear, while I whispered: “How could I ever forget?”
“If you get dementia, you’ll probably forget.” I tssk’ed her. “Don’t ruin the moment.” She shifted her feet. “Sorry.” I pushed her a little further. “You ready?” She nodded and I removed my hands. She gasped softly. “Oh Adrian! You didn’t have to do this!” I had decorated the house with thousands of candles and rose peddles and I had made dinner for her. Well, Jill made most of it, but I tasted everything to see if it was good enough. I slipped my arms around her waist and tugged her to my chest, resting my chin on her shoulder. “Of course I had to, it’s your birthday. You’re 20 now.” She sighed and leaned back against my chest. I nibbled on her ear and she shrieked. “Adrian!” I chuckled, a rumble in my chest. “Happy birthday.” I twirled her around and kissed her. Kissing Sydney at any time I wanted, was something I wasn’t yet used to. It was amazing we didn’t have to sneak around anymore and steal kisses and a little time with eachother. On the other hand, not everyone was happy with our.. ‘situation.’ However, tonight, I wanted to make her forget and celebrate her birthday with just the two of us. Like last year. I felt Sydney smile against my lips and two seconds later she pulled back. Her brown eyes, tinged with gold, bored into mine when she said: “I love you.” My heart jumped and the corner of my mouth lifted up in a smile. “I love you, too.” I could never get enough of her eyes lighting up every time I said that. I pecked her cheek. “Let’s have dinner, alright?” I guided her to the table and helped her sit down. “Would you like some wine?” She gave me a look. “One glass of wine won’t make me drunk, Sage.” I poored some wine in both of our glasses. “I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” I sat down and reached for her hand across the table. “Don’t worry about me. Tonight is all about you.” I knew how hard it was for her. It was Sydney’s job to constantly worry about other people. She bit her lip and nodded, and I smiled in return. “Before we start eating, I have a present for you.” She raised an eyebrow and I mocked her. “It’s your birthday. I’m allowed to give presents.” I fished a present from under the table, neatly wrapped in blue wrapping paper and handed it to her, with a solemn expression on my face. She glanced at me before unwrapping the paper. “It’s a book.. about.. Roman Architecture?” She held up the book. “I already read this.” Of course Sydney already read this. She read so many books, I couldn’t keep count. “I’m sure that version didn’t have a cute message from your husband in it.” I grinned when she opened the book on the first page. “Ah, Adrian.” She smiled up at me. “I love it, thank you.” She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “I knew that. Dinner?” She nodded and I stood up to grab the pan from the stove. I placed the pan on the table and lifted the lid. “Some delicious spaghetti a la Adrian.” She laughed. “I know Jill made this. She smelled like spaghetti when she came to see me.” I put some spaghetti on her plate. “Well damn, there I was hoping to make a good impression on you.” She smiled softly, her eyes looking at me full of love. “You know you already did that, Adrian.” My heart was jumping against my ribcage. My Sydney. My beautiful, intelligent, wonderful Sydney. She was the one to believe in me, when no one else did. And she loved me, like no one else ever had. I went on my knees next to her and took her hands in mine. They were warm and soft and her eyes stood questioning. I leaned in and kissed her softly. “I love you.” I breathed against her lips. She rested her  forehead against mine and I felt her nod. “I love you too, Adrian.” We sat like that for a moment, before I remembered the spaghetti. I stood up, quickly pressing my lips against her forehead, and sat down in my own chair. “Bon appetit.” I winked at her and she shook her head smiling before digging in. As soon as she finished eating, I handed her another present. “Happy birthday. Again.” I grinned as she took it. “You didn’t have to get me anything, Adrian.” She said while she unwrapped it, and fished out the white t-shirt. “‘I heart Roman architecture.'” she read and laughed. “Did you make it yourself?” I leaned back, holding up my hands. “All me, baby.” She smiled. “Thank you. I love it.” She took off her blouse and slipped the shirt on. “Gorgeous.” I grinned. “Dessert?” I stood up. Sydney wrinkled her nose and clenched her stomach with her hands. “I don’t know..” I knew what she was thinking, so I said: “You’re as thin as a celery stick, Sage. You won’t die from Adrian Ivashkov’s special dessert.”
“With your cooking, I’m not so sure about that.” Sydney teased me. “Does it make you feel better if I say I bought it at the store?” she laughed. “Fine. I’ll have some of your special dessert.” I brought the plates to the kitchen and came back with a chocolate cake and two forks. I handed her one. “So much sugar.” she mumbled. “It’s your birthday, you can have a little sugar today. Besides, the as thin as a plank thing, is not a good look on you. No offense, just making sure you’re healthy.” Her lips lifted up in a soft smile. “And chocolate cake is so healthy.” I nodded solemnly. “Totally. Now eat and enjoy this little piece of heaven.” She took a bite and her eyes widened. “This is good.” I chuckled softly. “All yours, princess.” She rolled her eyes but took another bite anyway. Together we ate half of the cake, until Sydney leaned back in her chair and sighed. “I can’t eat any more or I’ll explode.” I dropped my fork and stood up. “Okay just sit back while I give you your last present.” She frowned. “What? No, Adrian..-” I held up a finger. “I love giving you presents and I love you, so it’s no trouble at all.” I grabbed an envelope from the kitchen counter and handed it over to her. “Happy birthday.” I said softly and she glanced at me once, before opening the envelope. She peeked inside, her eyes widened noticeably and she sucked in a breath. “Is this what I think it is?” she looked up at me, not yet wanting to believe it. I nodded grinning. “If you think those are two plane tickets to Rome, then yes.” Her face was priceless. “We’re going to Rome?”
“You’re joking.”
“I am not.”
“Oh Adrian!” Sydney jumped up from her chair and engulfed me in a hug. “Thank you so much!” I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her tight. “Sydney Ivashkov, will you see the world with me?” She pulled back and kissed me. “Yes, Adrian. Yes, I want to do everything with you.”

Thank you for reading this fanfic! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The Ruby Circle comes out in five  days and hopefully more Sydrian fanfics will follow. Our photoshop wizard Manuela made some gorgeous Sydrian edits to mess with your feels. Happy Birthday Sydney, we love you! 






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