Review: Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #2) by Laini Taylor



Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love and dared to imagine a world free of bloodshed and war.

This is not that world.

Art student and monster’s apprentice Karou finally has the answers she has always sought. She knows who she is—and what she is. But with this knowledge comes another truth she would give anything to undo: She loved the enemy and he betrayed her, and a world suffered for it.

In this stunning sequel to the highly acclaimed Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Karou must decide how far she’ll go to avenge her people. Filled with heartbreak and beauty, secrets and impossible choices, Days of Blood & Starlight finds Karou and Akiva on opposing sides as an age-old war stirs back to life.

While Karou and her allies build a monstrous army in a land of dust and starlight, Akiva wages a different sort of battle: a battle for redemption. For hope.

But can any hope be salvaged from the ashes of their broken dream?


Hi it’s Amy! I’m finally reading this series and O.M.G. I’m loving it! I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone over Christmas and didn’t review it, but I’m reviewing the second book because ohmygodwhatshappeningtotheworld?!

Let’s just begin with saying that the cover looks amazing. I could look at it forever, to be honest. So pretty. Okay, but let’s talk about the story.

Karou, Karou, Karou. Oh, Karou. After 17 years she has finally found out the truth about who she really is and why she was raised by ‘monsters.’ Akiva and she snapped the wishbone Brimstone had kept for her all these years, and in an instant she remembers everything about her previous life as Madrigal. Happy ever after? Not even close. Because Akiva, oh Akiva why did you do this?, he has killed Karou’s family. Brimstone, Issa, everyone. And it’s an understatement to say that Karou is unbelievably mad at him. So she runs. Away from Akiva, the angel she fell in love with all those years ago. And Akiva, well he thinks Karou’s dead, though he doesn’t want to believe it.

Not Karou. She had to be alive. Akiva simply couldn’t face the thought of finding her any other way. 

Karou’s not dead, obviously. Nope, she’s just collecting teeth and hiding out in the desert of Morocco. There was one quote in this book, that perfectly summed up what Karou was doing.

Once upon a time, a girl lived in a sandcastle, making monsters to send through a hole in the sky. 

The seraphim are in heavy war with the chimaera, and killed thousands of them, but there are still some alive. And Karou is making them new bodies, as Brimstone taught her to do back when she was still Madrigal. Bodies with wings, to get them through the portal in the sky, back to Loramendi. An army. For the White Wolf, Thiago. Because yes, he’s still alive and the only reason why he doesn’t kill Karou (again) is because he needs her. So, being locked up in her own room, while resurrecting the dead, has never felt so good.

“I love you, crossbar,” whispered Karou and petted it.

This book is just a rollercoaster of emotions and happenings and ohmygod did I love it. I couldn’t stop reading. “One more chapter” turned out to be two, then five, then ten. I love Karou’s character, and I really felt for her. And oh Akiva..

Loving her was the only pure thing he had done in his life.

The only reason why he was ever  born at all, was to be a weapon in the army, nothing more. Not to make friends, to have a normal life and definitely not to fall in love. But he did, he fell in love with Madrigal all those years ago, and now he knows she’s still alive, also knowing she will never be able to forgive him for killing Brimstone. But Karou still loves him, anyway.

“Is it good or bad?” she asked Issa. The wrong question, she knew. She just couldn’t help herself.
“It’s both, sweet girl,” said Issa. “like everything.”

Oh, and can we talk about Mik and Zuzana for a moment? I have never shipped two ‘sidekick’ characters more than them. They are so unbelievably cute and real and so in love. It’s wonderful. *adds to list of precious ships*

“I almost never like people, even in tiny doses. But I never get tired of being with you.” 
“It’s my superpower,” Mik had said. “Extreme be-with-able-ness.” 

I loved this book a lot. Karou is such a unique character, but in some ways very relatable. And even though I don’t love Akiva that much, I still have a kind of fondness for him, and I’m dying to know if he and Karou will have their happy ending after all. The ending of this book left me with a lot of questions so I’m very impatient to read Dreams of God & Monsters to find out how it all ends.

She keeps her eyes closed but smiles, giving herself away. “Shush I’m having a dream.” 
“It’s not a dream. It’s all real.” 
“How would you know? You’re not even in it.” She feels playful, heavy with happiness. With rightness. “I’m in all of them,” he says. “It’s where I live now.” 

amy calloway sisters


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