Review: The Ex (The Boss #4) by Abigail Barnette



Magazine editor-in-chief, bride-to-be, and soon-to-be-step-grandmother at twenty-six, Sophie Scaife is looking forward to married life with her fiancé and Dom, wickedly sadistic billionaire Neil Elwood. As they enter unexplored sensual territory, Neil leads Sophie to the very edge between pain and pleasure—and she discovers a surprising new side to her sexuality.

While Sophie balances her hectic work routine with her devotion to her unconventional family, Neil has to adjust to life as a retired mogul. With their big day drawing nearer, they have to forge through pre-wedding jitters, personal crises, and an unexpected houseguest to get to their kinky ever after.

But a decades old trauma still haunts Neil. When the private details draw public interest, Sophie learns that the scars of his past are greater than he let on—and he’ll need all of her love to heal them…


Okay, so I know that the last review I did about this series was for the first book and now I’m doing the 4th one, but I just had to read them one after the other continously and I couldn’t even stop to write reviews of them. So instead of writing a review of each of them now I will just write a review for this one and do a little summary of the previous two.

Alright, let’s start, so after the first book Sophie had an abortion and then Neil was diagnosed with cancer and basically the whole second book was about the cancer and it was extremely hard to read. And the third one has a much lighter tone when both of them are healthy and Neil asks Sophie if she wants to marry him. Obviously she says yes, because we wouldn’t have this book if she’d said no.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, though?”

He thought for a moment. “Be with me. That’s all I need, right now.”

So in this book there is this incredibly big wedding but before the couple has to overcome one of Neil’s biggest secrets coming out, and his possible alcoholism.

“I love you. I love our best days and our worst, our arguments, and what usually follows. I love you when you lecture me about feminism, and when you listen to me prattle on about cars. I love your ice-cold feet, your magnificent breasts and all the rest of you. I love you, Sophie Scaife. There will never be a single day that I don’t.”

I don’t want to give much away (I’ve almost given all away already *nervous face*) but is a much lighter book than the second one and equally hot to the third one and the humor of the characters is still one of my favorite things of this book. Holli and Deja are still in the picture and Emma couldn’t be funnier in this book. Plus living in the same house with your mother-in-law is not gonna be easy… Especially if she hates you.

“Excuse me, but I am a deeply romantic, poetic soul.” He pretended to be wounded then grinned, “Who also happens to adore your ass.”

“Romantic,” I scoffed. “Pervmantic.”

If you liked The Boss keep reading the rest of the series because they are as good or even better than the first one.

So, have fun reading. xx

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