Happy Birthday Krista & Becca!

Hello Fizzle Force! Today is a very special day because it’s the birthday of two of our favorite authors, ever. Yes, yes, we are talking about Krista and Becca Ritchie, authors of the Addicted series and Amour Amour. Happy birthday ladies! We hope you have the greatest day ever, and eat lots of cake. Chocolate cake, of course.

We can honestly say you’re the nicest authors we have ever met. You are always so loving, giving and fierce with your fans. You always do everything you can to make us feel appreciated and that we matter to this fandom, these characters and these storylines. For that, we will be forever grateful. Sometimes it feels like we are one big loving family. *hugs you all Lily Calloway style*


We are immensely proud of you two, you have been able to craft these flawed characters that will always stay in our hearts. They feel very real, and it seems crazy to us that this series is going to end this year. But we can assure you that we will keep supporting you guys, in every way we can.

For this very special day, we wanted to give you some sort of birthday present. And of course, we have our very talented Amy to help us with that, doing what she does best (amongst other things). She wrote a fanfic! We hope you guys love it, and once again, have the happiest birthday today! You two deserve it ❤

Five days ago

I walk into the livingroom and spot Lily on the couch, reading a book. Her brown hair is in a sloppy bun and she has her legs pulled up to her chest, the book resting on her knees. I plop down next to her. “Whatcha reading?” She gives me some mumbled answer, too absorbed in the book. I smile a little, but when I look at the blurb and spot the word ‘sex addict’, my heart sinks. “Lily,” I groan and jerk the book from her hands. “Lo!” she exlaims and tries to steal the book back, but I hold it out of her reach. “You’re not supposed to be reading this stuff, Lil.” I say. She shakes her head repeatedly. “No, no it’s nothing like that. It’s about us! It’s about me.” She drops on her knees on the couch and holds out her hand. “I’ll show you.” I frown. “What are you talking about?” She wiggles with her fingers. “I’ll show you.” she repeats. Confused, and not yet entirely convinced, I hand her the book back. She flips through the pages. “It’s about us. Our story. Lily and Lo. Two writers wrote down our entire story, Lo. And not just ours, also Connor’s and Rose’s and Daisy’s and Ryke’s.” The frown in my forehead increases. “Didn’t they just use our names-?” Lily shakes her head again. “No, no they know our story. I mean, not hard considering we’re, like, famous. And they made up a few things, but this is about us. And so spot on. Wait, here, read..” she flips the pages again, looking for something. “Here,” her finger falls on a sentence and she reads: “Cheekbones that cut like ice and eyes like liquid scotch. Loren Hale is an alcoholic beverage and he doesn’t even know it.” She looks up at me. “Who said that?” I ask. “Me,” Lily says, her cheeks rosy, “Well book-me. But it’s true, Lo.” She touches my cheekbones and I can’t help but grin. “What does book-me say about you?” She smiles softly and turns the pages again. “I love you, but I want to love you enough that I never choose alcohol over you. Not even for a moment. I want to be someone you deserve.” Lily’s eyes lift up from the book and meet mine. “You said that.” she whispers. “Not exactly in those words, but you did say that.” I nod, and suddenly, I need her close to me. So I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her in my lap. “What else?” I murmur in her ear. She flips through the pages and turns red, even before she has read anything. “What? What’s making you blush like that?” I ask, a smirk on my lips. She coughs and reads: ““Just repeat this phrase whenever you feel the urge to jump some other guy’s bones.” His mouth brushes my ear. “Loren Hale fucks better.“” I burst out laughing and Lily turns even more red. I nibble on her ear and she shrieks. “And? Do I fuck better?” I breathe laughing in her ear. She wriggles in my arms but I hold her tight. She smacks the book against my chest and I mock wince. “There’s a whole series. Also books about Connor and Rose and Ryke and Daisy.” She says, ignoring me. “What’s about us?” Connor strolls in, holding Jane and Rose follows, clicking her heels. “These books.” Lily says, and it’s then I notice the pile of books on the coffee table. “They’re all about us and what we’ve been through!” Connor sits down in a chair. “I’d like some more details, Lily.” She clutches the book she was reading to her chest, props her legs underneath her, leans into me and explains it again. “I’ve marked things that we said about each other that are so spot on, it’s creepy.” Her fingers tumble with the pages. “Listen, here, this is about Rose. ‘You leave a trail of bodies with your glares.’” Rose huffs, and I laugh and even Connor grins. Lily flushes red. “It’s true, though, Rose.” She fumbles with the corner of the page and I place my hand on hers. “What else?” Rose asks and sits down as well. Lily goes back to flipping through the books. “Oh here, this is what Rose said about Connor. ‘Well, Connor doesn’t believe in magic. If Hogwarts actually existed I’m sure they’d send an owl to shit on his head.’” She giggles at the last words and I snort and bury my face in her hair. I hear Connor chuckling and when I look up, I even catch a smirk from Rose. “Is there something about Daisy and Ryke?” I ask and Lily nods eagerly. “They have their own book, as well. Wait-” she leans forward and snatches another book from the table and starts flipping through it. “Oh, here, I thought this was cute and very, ahum, Raisy.” she smiles softly and I can’t help but press a kiss on her cheek. “‘I am very, very attracted to you.” The corner of his lips rise. “Funny, I’m also attracted to you. What are we going to do about that?”
“Make love and make babies.’” We all chuckle. “Sounds like something they’d say.” Rose nods. “I also found this one, Lo, that you said about me and I really liked it-” she turns red as she picks up another book. “Please tell me it’s not some sort of sex scene.” Connor says. which makes Lily turns even more red. “Richard!” Rose snaps at the same time Lily stutters: “What? No! Oh my god, no no no. I skipped all the sex scenes. As weird as it is to read about my own sex life it’s even weirder to read about yours.” she waves with her hand towards Connor and Rose and her nose wrinkles. “Our sex life is on the internet. I don’t think things could get weirder.” Connor states. “I don’t want to know, Connor.” Lily shrieks. I smirk and press a kiss on her hair. “What did book-me say about you, love?” I ask, changing the subject. “Oh, right. Eh. Here. ‘Lily Calloway…all this time, your superpower has been loving me.'” She turns her head to look at me and I smile. “It is, isn’t it?” I breathe in her ear and kiss her lips quickly. “I hope so.” she whispers. “Lily, how did you get these books?” Connor asks slowly, hinting at something and I immediately know what he’s worried about. “Lil, don’t tell me you googled yourself again.” Her eyes widen. “No! No, I didn’t google myself! I got it in the mail along with a letter, here.” she fishes a piece of paper of the table. “It says, dear Lily thank you for being an inspiration, we’ve been fans ever since the first episode of Princesses of Philly.”  She looks up, her eyes sparkling happy. “You hear that? I’m their inspiration!” I smile and kiss her forehead. “Tell me something I don’t know.” She flushes lightly and continues reading. “We know two writers, Krista and Becca, who wrote a series of books about you and the rest of the gang and we had the idea that you might like it. We sent along all the books. They’re very loved by a lot of people and a lot of people became friends through these books. We hope you like them as much as we do and thanks again for being the lovely person you are. Love, Lanie, Jae and Jenn.” she puts the paper down. “So of course, I looked them up, the writers.” She fishes her phone out of her pocket. “They’re twins, 23 years old and a lot of people have read these books and love them. I also found out it’s their birthday this Sunday.” She looks at me. “And I think we should go. Surprise them.” I exchange a look with Connor and Rose and they both shrug, as if saying ‘what harm can it do?’ So I nod. “Okay, let’s do it.” Lily shrieks and her arms fly around my neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Atlanta, here we come!”


The Ritchie sisters are sitting in their living room, watching reruns from Arrow. “I never imagined our 24th birthday to be like this, Kris.” Becca says, tapping her Red Bull can with her finger. Krista takes a sip from her coffee. “At least we have time to make the last edits to FTF later.” Becca nods musingly. “Hmm, true.” A knock on the door surprises them. “You didn’t invite anyone, did you?” Becca asks as she stands up. “No. Maybe it’s the mailman. I ordered a couple of dvds.” They both walk to the  door and stumble back when they open it. “Lily Calloway?” Krista asks and her hand flies to her mouth, unable to believe it. “And Loren Hale.” The guy with his arm around Lily’s waist says. The twins exchange a look with each other. “What.. are you guys doing here?” Becca asks, eyes wide. “Oh we’re just here to wish you ah, a-” Lo shrugs and looks at Lily, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Daisy, Ryke, Connor and Rose jump from behind the bushes. Well, Daisy jumps, pulling Ryke with her and Connor and Rose stand up, Rose swatting the dust of her skirt with a scoff on her face. Daisy skirts past Lily and Lo and hugs the twins, first Becca then Krista. “We’re.. confused.” Krista blinks as Daisy pulls back. “Can we come inside? We’ll explain everything.” Lily says a little hesitant. The twins both nod rapidly. “Yeah, yeah, sure. Come in.” They all walk in, Ryke and Connor  follow last – “We have cake!” – and all take a seat. Krista and Becca sit down as well, and Becca picks up her Red Bull. “It’s great to have you here, but why?” Krista asks as she fumbles with her bracelet. Lily holds up a piece of paper. “I, ehm, got a letter from three girls and they sent me your books.” Krista and Becca give each other a look and look at Lily. “Oh, no we loved it.” Lily looks from Lo to her sisters and to Ryke. “You portrayed us really well.” Becca plays with her Red Bull can. “I never thought you guy would read it. This is awkward.” Ryke grins. “It was weird reading about myself fucking my girlfriend but meeting the people who fucking wrote it. It’s fucking nuts.” Becca and Krista blush lightly and even Lily flushes and leans into Lo who wraps an arm around her, his lips pulling up in a smirk. Daisy laughs and nudges Ryke, who wraps an arm around her neck and pulls her to him. “You fucking enjoyed reading that, Calloway.” he murmurs in her ear and she nudges his ribs which makes him chuckle. “Anyway, we’re here to thank you for writing these books that so many people love and that you, you know, gave us a chance to show we’re not only what people think we are.” Lily says, still leaning against Lo, who nods. Connor unbuttons his blazer and leans back. “I just want to know why you decided to write about us.” Krista opens her mouth but Daisy interrupts her. “No, cake first!” she shrieks and jumps up. “And Uptown Funk!” She fishes her phone out of her pocket and puts on the song. Ryke and Connor groan at the same time. “Calloway, you are playing this fucking song way too fucking much. Turn it the fuck off.” Ryke snatches her phone from her and turns it off. Daisy pouts. “Partypooper.” Becca and Krista smile at the whole scene and Krista darts into the kitchen to get plates and forks. “We can still eat the cake, though.” She says as she walks back in. “Yes! Yes I love you.” Daisy laughs and jumps up again, this time from Ryke’s lap. “Let me cut it.” About ten minutes later everyone has a piece of cake and something to drink. Connor holds up his glass. “Let’s have a toast. To Krista and Becca.” He shoots them an easy smile. “To Krista and Becca.” They all say in unison and the sisters smirk at each other, surprisingly happy at the turn of events today. Lily entangles her fingers with Lo, and the girls both notice the sparkly ring on her finger. She smiles, genuine but a little shy. “Happy birthday, Krista. Happy birthday, Becca. Thank you for everything.”

calloway sisters


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Krista & Becca!

  1. OMG OMG Ryke knows we wrote sex scenes about him & his girlfriend!! *blushes* *cries tears of happiness* I love this so much, and I completely felt like our own characters just came to visit us today. This was one of the coolest things to date — and I’ll never, ever forget it. Thank you, girls! Thank you, Amy! *hugs and never lets go*


  2. Gahh! Amy you’re so fab! I’m so emotional and teary eyed over this because the gang is awesomesauce as always and this is such a great surprise not only for Krista and Becca, but for the rest of the Fizzle Force. Love you and your talent! ❤ Thanks girls for sharing this wicked thing! *heart eyes to all of you*


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