Review: Deadly Little Sins (Prep School Confidential #3) by Kara Taylor



In Kara Taylor’s Deadly Little Sins, Anne Dowling investigates a mysterious disappearance in this fast-paced, twisty conclusion to the Prep School Confidential series.

It’s August and Anne is back in New York City for the summer, but she can’t escape the memories of the terrible things that happened at the Wheatley School last spring— and the possibility of being expelled looming over her. When an unexpected— and suspicious— turn of events gets Anne sent back to Wheatley, she’s determined to figure out what happened to her favorite teacher and only adult ally at the school: Ms. Cross.

After a shocking, gruesome murder with connections to the Wheatley School occurs, Anne is convinced there’s more to Ms. Cross’s sudden disappearance, and that her favorite teacher is in danger. But after an ugly breakup with Brent and a new, inexplicable distance between her and Anthony, Anne isn’t sure who she can trust. And even worse, someone at Wheatley knows the truth about what happened to Ms. Cross— someone who will stop at nothing to keep Anne from learning the truth in this engrossing, unputdownable read.


Hey it’s Amy with a review of the last book in the series. Click here to find the review of Prep School Confidential and here to find the review of Wicked Little Secrets.

So the second book ended with Anne getting kicked out of Wheatley and going back to New York to work for her dad. She’s completely cut off from the world: no computer, no phone, no contact with anyone. But when her dad is out  for the  day and his assistant leaves to make a phone call, Anne checks her e-mail and finds out she has an e-mail from one of her old teachers from Wheatley. He says he has information and asks to meet up. She manages to sneak away and meet up with him and he tells her Ms. Cross has left the school and is not who she really is. Ms. Cross is ghosting; using the identity of a dead person to hide her own. Anne smells a new case; finding Ms. Cross and who she really is. But there’s one problem.They call it ghosting for a reason- how are you supposed to find a person who technically doesn’t exist?

There’s an unexpected turn of events, and to Anne’s surprise she’s allowed to go back to Wheatley to finish her senior year. Which is good for her, because that’s where Ms. Cross was last seen. But also, where she last saw Brent before they broke up, and Anthony, whom she last saw when Travis Shepherd was shot to death.

“I was ready to die for you, and afterwards I realized I don’t even know your middle name. Or your favorite color.” Anthony’s upper lip quivers. “I thought it was because of something crazy, like maybe I was in love with you – but I’ve been replaying that moment, and even though I was trying to protect you, I think it just felt like my life meant nothing to me.” 

Anne tries to figure out her feelings for Anthony and Brent, but things are awkward, to say the least.

My ex-boyfriend is barely speaking to me because I accused his father of being involved in a murder, and I just slapped the other guy I was involved with in the face. Romance. Clearly, I’m doing it right.

So Anne does, what Anne does best and that’s finding leads to find Ms. Cross and her real identity. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

I liked this book as a conclusion to the series but that ending?! HELLO YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT!!!! So yeah apart  from the ending, I’m okay with this book. And I’m okay with Anne’s choices. She did the right thing in the end, and that took a lot of nerves.

My dad wanted to know why, if I had to kick a boy in the balls, I couldn’t wait to do it until we were off-campus. My mom just wanted to know where I got the Taser. Their reactions probably explain a lot about why I am the way I am. 

So, just like with the prequels, this book is serious, but also has a couple of funny moments in them.

“We’re guys,” Murali says. “we’re not going to get into a frat party.”
“Speak for yourself,” Brent says. “You haven’t seen my sexy nurse costume.” 

Like I said, if you’re a fan of Ally Carter books, this is definitely a series you should read. It’s really well-written in a way that you constantly have to know what’s going to happen next and even though love is not the main theme of these books, it does show that romance: not always roses and sunshine. But the action scenes are so good, and I often found myself sitting on the edge of my chair.

Sometimes the best we can do is stay in place and hope whatever we’re running from doesn’t catch up with us. 

amy calloway sisters

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