Review: Marrow by Tarryn Fisher



In the Bone there is a house.

In the house there is a girl.

In the girl there is a darkness.

Margo is not like other girls. She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone, in a cursed house, with her cursed mother, who hasn’t spoken to her in over two years. She lives her days feeling invisible. It’s not until she develops a friendship with her wheelchair-bound neighbor, Judah Grant, that things begin to change. When a neighborhood girl, seven-year-old Neveah Anthony, goes missing, Judah sets out to help Margo uncover what happened to her.

What Margo finds changes her, and with a new perspective on life, she’s determined to find evil and punish it–targeting rapists and child molesters, one by one.

But hunting evil is dangerous, and Margo risks losing everything, including her own soul.


Hello everyone! It’s manu here, I’m still shocked because this book, wow, this book is mind-blowing.

We are all innocent once-every killer, every rapist, every terrorist. None of us asking for this life, but life as it is, being thrust at us by our parents, who hadn’t the slightest clue what they were getting into. And while some parents thrived under the flush of the demands that came from parenting, others grew emotionally slight, withdrawing, silently blaming the small humans who were ruining their lives. Humans who never asked to be brought into their morass in the first place. But still… not every person who was handed the shitty parent card turned into a murdered or a rapist. People prosper, children are resilient. What is it that turns a soul sour? What is it that turned me sour?

Sorry for the long quote, but I love it. I read it and I just can’t get it out of my head. We can blame whoever we want for what we do but in the end our choices make us who we are, we need to fight the bad things life throws at us and be better. Margo knows something about this, although her fight against evil becomes quite literal, she’s a girl who’s been dealt a really bad set of cards. She lives in a bad and poor neighborhood where anything can happen. Margo doesn’t know her dad, but she knows he has another family. Her mom, a prostitue, has vanished, emotionally, she hasn’t talked to her daughter in a long time, and doesn’t care about her at all.

I want her back, I want to know what changed her so that I have somewhere to lay my blame. If there was a cause, I could stop blaming myself. I trace my memories, over and over, searching for the root-the moment, or month, or day she vanished

Despite all that, she’s kind, she’s innocent, she cares about other people, even though she tries to be invisible. And then there’s the boy next door, he’s on a wheelchair but he won’t let that take him down, he’s strong, he’s incredible; and one day Margo finally goes and talks to him. They build a friendship so real and emotional, and find kindness in each other when the world around them has nothing but cruelty to give. But don’t fool yourself, this is not about these two falling in love, this book is nothing that you can imagine, if you’ve read some of Tarryn Fisher’s books you know that.

“Margo…” his voice cracks. His chin dips to his chest, and I’m not sure if he’s crying until I hear the sniff. He grabs me, before I can grab him, and he holds me tight. “Margo,” he says into my hair. “I’ll save you, if you save me.” I nod, the words caught in my throat, sticky with emotion. That’s the best deal life has ever offered me.

How much can a person take before they break irrevocably? In this book we see Margo reaching this breaking point. After something terrible happens to a little girl Margo knew, something changes in her, she’s tired of watching and only being able to do that little she can to help innocent people. She wants to change things, she wants vengeance.

I have a complex, sure. But it’s more of an I hate humans thing. Disappointed. I am so disappointed in people. It’s like they live without souls.

She takes matters in her own hands and starts hunting evil down. She acts without even thinking about it, she just follows the hate, the rage, the disgust she feels for those people. This book is about justice, when justice isn’t brought by the law, when someone is so deeply crushed by the bad things people can do, that they need to act, and find justice for themself. It’s a difficult topic, but it’s really interesting too see what’s going on in Margo’s mind.

The moon is wicked, jealous of the sun. People do bad things in the dark, under the hollow gaze of the moon. It’s smiling at me now, proud of my sin. I’m not proud. I’m not anything. An eye for an eye, I tell myself. A beating for a beating.

This is a really original and difficult book, I loved it, it made me think a lot and that’s something that only good books do. Tarryn Fisher’s writing is amazing so she can really pull off a book like this, and dig through human emotions in such an intense way. Please share your thoughts with me if you read it, I need someone to talk about it with!

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