Raisy Fanfiction: Before Long Way Down

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been a long time since I wrote a fanfic and I’m sorry for that! But I’ve decided to make it up to you with a Raisy fic. Once again: I do not own these characters, they’re from the talented and brilliant Krista and Becca Ritchie, and I’m only borrowing them. I hope you enjoy this fic and thanks for reading! 


I’m sat on the bed in drawstring pants only, a book balanced on my leg as I hear Daisy curse in the bathroom, followed by something clattering on the floor. She walks into the bedroom in a bra and panties only and her hair a mess. “I’m not going to that party.” She groans and plops down on the bed, just inches away from my feet. “You have to. Your mom is going to fucking kill you if you bail.” I say, closing the book. She covers her face with her hands and groans loudly. “I know. I wish Rose was here. She knows how to make the perfect braid.” she says, her voice muffled behind her hands. I scoot off the bed – “Come on,” – take her hand and lead her to the bathroom. I make her stand still in front of the bathroom mirror, stand behind her and start combing my fingers through her hair. She tilts her head back and closes her eyes, a small smile on her lips. “This is nice.” I look at her in the mirror and my heart fucking clenches with love for this girl. I take a few strands of her hair and start braiding it. A few seconds later Daisy realizes what I’m doing and her eyes snap open. “Where did you learn how to do that?” she asks surprised. “Boy scouts.” I deadpan and she chuckles. When I look at her in the mirror, she wags her eyebrows. “What else did you learn with the boy scouts?” “You’ll fucking find out.” I grunt, finishing the braid. She touches her hair lightly. “Amazing. You’re my savior.” She turns around on her toes and pecks my cheek. “That’s all I’m going to fucking get? A kiss on the cheek?” I raise my eyebrows. Her eyes sparkle. “Yep!” And she darts out of the bathroom. I shake my head and walk after her into the bedroom, where I can hear her mess around in the closet. I sit down on the bed, about to pick up my book again when Daisy walks out of the closet. “What the fuck are you wearing, Calloway?” She looks down. “You don’t like it?” a playful pout plays on her lips. “It’s fucking horrible.” She’s wearing a neon yellow sweater that’s at least three sizes too big with a green skirt that has the color of vomit and white tennis shoes. “You look like a fucking sign to the circus.” I tell her as she twirls around. “But I like the circus.” “And I like your head on your fucking body, which is not going to be the situation when your mom sees that outfit.” She grins. “Alright, alright. I’ll put on something decent.” She disappears in the closet again, and when she walks out, the first thing I notice are the black high heels. Then my gaze goes up and I curse. “Fuck.” She’s wearing a tight indigo blue dress, with an open back and a considerable amount of cleavage. “That’s not fucking decent, Dais.” She puts on lip gloss and smacks her lips. “You just have a dirty mind.” she smiles brightly and my cock throbs. Not fucking now. “Every fucking guy in the country has a dirty mind if they see you in that dress.” I tell her, my voice gruff. “Is the big, bad wolf jealous?” she ask as she stuffs her phone in her bra. I grab her wrist and pull her on my lap. “You know the fucking answer to that, Calloway.” I breathe in her ear. She places her hands on my bare chest. “I have no idea.” she says smirking, her eyes telling me otherwise. “I’m not fucking jealous because I know you’ll be in my bed at the end of the day.” I say huskily, my arms caging her. “You can spare your breath, I’m not having sex with you now.” she replies lightly. My lips tic upwards. “Are you not?” My hand descends to the hem of her dress and her breathing shallows. “Ryke,” she says warningly. “We don’t have time for this.” I stare in her eyes while my hand creeps up her thigh. “Ryke!” she tries to tickle me, but I just raise my eyebrows. She pouts. “Not fair.” I almost smirk and cup her cheeks to kiss her softly. She breaks out in a smile as soon as I pull back and it lights up the fucking room. I skim her lower lip with my thumb. “Go.” She scoots of my lap and walks over to the door. Her hand already rests on the doorknob when she asks me: “Are you waiting up for me?” I nod. “Always, sweetheart.” She breaks out in a huge grin that makes my heart beat fucking faster. And then she’s out of the door.


My feet hurt like hell. Stupid heels. I’m never wearing them again. I take them off as I make my way upstairs to our bedroom. I place my hand on the doorknob when I hear crying from Moffy’s room. I turn my head and hesitate for a moment before dropping my shoes and opening the door of his nursery. “Hey Moffy-Moff.” I murmur as I lean over to pick him up. He stops crying immediately, and I rub his back. “What’s up, little man?” I ask him as I lean against the crib. “Bad dream? Do you want me to check for monsters under your bed?” I put him back in his crib and kneel down to check under it. “Daisy, what are you doing?” A voice in the door opening says and I turn my head to see Lo, leaning against the doorframe, wearing nothing but drawstring pants. “Checking for monsters.” I say cheerfully. His eyebrows go up. “Right, because that’s completely normal.” I stand up, tugging my dress down. “Who said I was normal?” I answer, smiling. Lo walks over to the crib and looks at his son. “What did you do to make him stop crying?” he asks. “I have magical powers.” I wiggle my fingers and he rolls his eyes, but then looks at me. “You okay?” he asks seriously. “Yeah. I’m good, Lo.” He nods. “Okay. Thanks for checking for making sure there are no monsters.” His lips tic slightly upwards and it reminds me of Ryke. I grin. “No problem.” I nudge him and look at Moffy. “Night night munchkin.” I say to him before I retreat out of his room. I pick up my heels and open the door to my room. Ryke is sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard, reading and absently rubbing Coconut’s ears who’s lying with her head on Ryke’s legs. It’s so cute I wish I could snap a picture of it, but Ryke has already noticed me. “How was the fucking party?” He asks, and drops the book he’s reading on the nightstand. Coconut stumbles off the bed to greet me and I kneel down to hug her. “It was fine.” Ryke has scooted to the edge off the bed, and he raises his eyebrows, looking just like Lo a few minutes ago. “Just fine?” I rub Coconut’s head. “It was pretty boring actually. You would have hated it.”
“I hate all parties.” He replies. I mock gasp. “Even mine?!” He almost smiles. I grin and walk to the closet to get rid of this dress. I change into a baby pink shirt that says forever young and start undoing my braid while walking back in. Ryke looks at me. “Cute, Calloway.” I slip the hair tie around my wrist. “Am I the cute to your hot?” I smile and plop down next to him on the bed. He grabs my ankles and lifts my legs on his lap, massaging my feet with his rough hands. “You’re my everything.” He says hoarsely and my heart skips a few beats. “Say that again.” I smile and he almost grins. “You’re such a fucking girl.” I cock my head, batting my eyelashes. “But you loooove me.” He pulls me closer and I can feel his breath on my lips. “Fuck, yes.” He almost growls. I cup his cheek with my hand and he watches me closely. I graze his lower lip with my thumb and he sucks in a breath, before pulling me on his lap. I straddle him and grin. “You’re a dirty girl, Calloway.” He groans. “Only with you.” I reply lightly and kiss his lips. Ryke’s hands slide under my shirt, placing them firmly on my hips. “Ryke.” I say softly. “Yes, Dais?” I smirk and point at Coconut. “I’m not having sex with you when she’s in the room.” He snorts and waves towards the door. “Do you want to wave her fucking goodbye?” I chuckle. “Where’s the love?!” I slide off his lap and guide Coconut towards the door. “Come on, Coconut. I’ll come get you later.” I let her out of the room and close the door. I turn around and see that Ryke was right behind me. He pins me against the door and I grin wickedly. “Permission to go all fucking out, madame?” he asks me mockingly. I pretend to think. “Hm, I wouldn’t go full out, Moffy’s sleeping-“ he shuts me up by kissing me roughly and all my unspoken thoughts fly out of the window. When he guides me to the bed and removes his shirt to show me his abs, I grin. “Like what you see, Calloway?” he murmurs as he hoovers over me, his lips nipping my skin and his hands roaming my body. “Fuck, yes.” I breathe, mocking him and I feel him grin in my neck. His teeth graze my skin and I whisper: “Big, bad wolf are you going to eat me?” I know what he’s going to say. I’ve asked him this a million times before. He looks at me, eyes only a little softer, and gives me the familiar answer: “Until you fucking scream, Calloway.”

amy calloway sisters

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