P. S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2) by Jenny Han



Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter.
She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.
When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?

In this charming and heartfelt sequel to the New York Times bestseller To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we see first love through the eyes of the unforgettable Lara Jean. Love is never easy, but maybe that’s part of what makes it so amazing.


What a wonderful book! So cute, so honest, so full of love. Love in all its shapes and forms.

So much of love is chance. There’s something scary and wonderful about that.

Finally, Lara Jean and Peter are together (my two precious cupcakes), but what books don’t often tell us is that the happily ever after isn’t always that happy, or lasting. Peter, maybe, isn’t so over Genevieve, and Lara Jean can’t seem to trust him when he says there’s nothing between them. And when, due to family issues (or so she says), he starts to spend more and more time with Gen, his relationship with Lara Jean is at risk; especially since a video, of a certain private moment goes viral at school.

“Don’t let it happen to you, Lara Jean. Don’t get too serious to where things can’t go back. Be in love with Peter if you want, but be careful with your heart. Things feel like they’ll be forever, but they aren’t. Love can go away, or people can, without even meaning to. Nothing is guaranteed.”

Things go south when John Ambrose McClaren finally gets Lara Jean’s love letter, and they become pen pals. Lara Jean finds with John what she’s missing with Peter at the moment, being the boy’s number one priority. But don’t expect this to be an annoying love triangle; I fell in love just as many times as Lara Jean did, and that just shows how good the author was at making the whole thing believable and relatable.

There’s a Korean word my grandma taught me. It’s called jung. It’s the connection between two people that can’t be severed, even when love turns to hate. You still have those old feelings for them; you can’t ever completely shake them loose of you; you will always have tenderness in your heart for them.

What I love the most about this book, and this series, are all the relationships between all the characters. There’s the relationship between Lara Jean and her sisters, which is honestly incredible (how I wish I had a sister too), between them and their father, a man who lives and breathes for his daughters, between Lara Jean and all her friends, and I also loved how the relationship between her and Genevieve unraveled and resolved in the end.

I know now that I don’t want to love or be loved in half measures. I want it all, and to have it all, you have to risk it all.

There are lots of twists and events that may seem annoying but that are just honest, and heartfelt. Lara Jean, like most people when they’re 16, is in love with love, and I think there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

“You have to let yourself be fully present in every moment. Just be awake for it, do you know what I mean? Go all in and wring every last drop out of the experience.”

If you loved To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, no doubts, you won’t be disappointed.

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