Review: Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society #2) by Ally Carter



Katarina Bishop has worn a lot of labels in her short life. Friend. Niece. Daughter. Thief. But for the last two months she’s simply been known as the girl who ran the crew that robbed the greatest museum in the world. That’s why Kat isn’t surprised when she’s asked to steal the infamous Cleopatra Emerald so it can be returned to its rightful owners.

There are only three problems. First, the gem hasn’t been seen in public in thirty years. Second, since the fall of the Egyptian empire and the suicide of Cleopatra, no one who holds the emerald keeps it for long, and in Kat’s world, history almost always repeats itself. But it’s the third problem that makes Kat’s crew the most nervous and that is simply… the emerald is cursed.

Kat might be in way over her head, but she’s not going down without a fight. After all she has her best friend—the gorgeous Hale—and the rest of her crew with her as they chase the Cleopatra around the globe, dodging curses, realizing that the same tricks and cons her family has used for centuries are useless this time.

Which means, this time, Katarina Bishop is making up her own rules.


Kat Bishop is famous for being able to have pulled off robbing the Henley. She’s been flying all over the world to pull of jobs and now, someone asks her to steal the Cleopatra Emerald.. a gem that’s been cursed since eternity. It seems impossible but Kat has Hale and her crew and hello, she’s the girl who robbed the Henley! So Kat gets the job done, only to realize.. she’s been conned herself.

“Oh you’re heist-drunk Kitty Kat. And you have been since the Henley.”

So there’s only one thing left for Kat to do: she flies halfway across the world to get the Emerald back. But it’s not that easy, since the woman she gave it to in the first place.. is a con artist herself who’s been in the business longer than anyone of Kat’s crew.

“If it works, it works,’ Kat told him.
‘And if it doesn’t?’ he asked.
She looked at him. ‘If it doesn’t, then I’ve heard Monaco has the nicest prisons in all of Europe.’
‘It does,’ both Hamish and Angus said in unison.
And with that, it was decided.”

Surprisingly, conning a con man is harder than robbing the Henley. But that made it so much more fun to read. I was literally sitting on the edge of my chair and holding my breath. I love that the entire crew is back and also (yay) more names for pulling a job, we’re left to guess what they exactly mean.

“So you’re going to try…what? Birds of a Feather?’ she quested.
“Of course not,” Kat said. “Everyone knows the French government banned the importation of peacocks in 1987.”

Just like Heist Society, it’s a light and fun read, and when you’re a fast reader you can have it finished in just a few hours. Warning: you may not want to leave this world, so I suggest you have the sequel ready when you finish this one.

“Do you believe in curses, Hale?”
He looked at her. “I believe in you.”

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