To remember Will Herondale

This is for all the Will Herondale fans out there. Ave Atque Vale. 

“Tessa! Tessa, you have to call Jem. My nose is running and I can’t make it stop!” Will’s voice was thick and the words came out croaked. Tessa peeked through the gap between the door and the doorframe to find Will seated on their bed, his cheeks a little flushed and his arms wrapped around his legs. He looked so young. She smiled softly as she sat down on the bed. “You know I can’t call Jem every time you have a cold?” she soothingly stroked his black hair. His blue eyes looked at her pleadingly. “Please, Tess?” he murmured. “Fine. I will call Jem.” Her hand left his hair but Will grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him, pressing a kiss on her lips. “I love you.” He grinned a little and even after ten years, Tessa’s heart still sped up when seeing that grin. “I love you, too.” she replied, a rosy blush on her cheeks.
Jem arrived within 30 minutes, finding Tessa and Will in the library. Will kept sniffling while he looked through the books and Tessa sat in one of the chairs, looking at him affectionately. They didn’t notice Jem until his melodic and soft voice echoed through the room. “Are you really calling upon me for a running nose, William?” Will’s head jerked towards the sound and a grin spread slowly across his lips. “I could’ve tried falling down the stairs for a broken leg, but I thought this would be quicker.” He quipped. Jem strolled towards them, barely making a sound, but his lips lifted in an amused smile. “Don’t fall down the stairs for me, Will.” Will just shrugged and Tessa shook her head amused. “Jem,” she said and stood up to give him a gentle hug. “Tessa,” he answered lightly, before they both pulled back. “How is James?” his eyes softened at the mention of the little boy. Tessa smiled. “He’s doing good.” A hint of proudness could be heard in her voice. “Eating like a horse.” Will piped in, and then sniffled. “You really do have a cold, then, William?” Jem asked, sounding a little surprised. “Blimey, Jem. I know it’s not demon pox, but bear with me here. I can hardly breathe.” And then he started singing, which sounded even more horrible now his nose was stuffed. “Demon pox, oh demon pox, how is it acquired? One must go-“ “Will.” Tessa cut him off mid-song and he turned his head towards her, a smirk playing his lips. “One can only bear to hear a song so often.” She told him and turned to Jem to explain: “He sings it to James before bed.” Jem’s lips twitched, and Tessa added: “I’m surprised Gabriel hasn’t kicked him in the groins yet.” Will left his books to join them. “It’s a good song. He should appreciate my talent in songwriting.” He said as he sneaked an arm around Tessa, and she rested her head on his shoulder. “Some people beg to differ.” But she looked up at him with a look of adoration in her eyes. Will’s eyes shone brightly when he looked at her and pressed a kiss against her forehead before looking at Jem. “I was thinking of taking James with me to the park. Would you care to join us?”
“Not at all.” Jem replied. “How nice! I’ll go get James ready.” Tessa rushed out of the room, leaving her two boys alone. “How’s the Silent City?” Will asked, as he stocked a few books, brushing the covers with his fingers. “Silent.” Jem answered.  Will snorted. “I didn’t know Silent Brothers were a sarcastic bunch.”
Jem grinned widely, as he only did when he was with Will. “Just me, William.” Will was about to say something but was interrupted by a squeaky voice from the doorway. “Uncle Jem!” a little dark-haired boy scurried towards his father and uncle and Jem drew him in for a hug. “You’ve grown, James.” He commented and the little boy beamed at him. Tessa looked with a smile at the three of them. “The carriage is waiting.”

“Duck!” yelled James and tried to make a break for it, but Will caught him and lifted him up. “Ducks are ravenous animals, son. Stay away from those bloodthirsty creatures.” Jem and Tessa exchanged a look. “You’re still not over that, Will?” Jem asked as they walked on. “Not in the slightest. And I will make sure that every off-spring I have, will not tolerate these animals for they are not to be trusted.” Tessa laughed and kissed his cheek. “You ought to have been on stage.” Will sighed dramatically, as to back up the statement. “A chance missed!” James wriggled in his father’s arms. “Duck!” he exclaimed again, his hands outstretched. “No, bychan. A Herondale does not love ducks.”

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