Review: The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus #3) by Rick Riordan



Annabeth is terrified. Just when she’s about to be reunited with Percy—after six months of being apart, thanks to Hera—it looks like Camp Jupiter is preparing for war. As Annabeth and her friends Jason, Piper, and Leo fly in on theArgo II, she can’t blame the Roman demigods for thinking the ship is a Greek weapon. With its steaming bronze dragon masthead, Leo’s fantastical creation doesn’t appear friendly. Annabeth hopes that the sight of their praetor Jason on deck will reassure the Romans that the visitors from Camp Half-Blood are coming in peace.

And that’s only one of her worries. In her pocket Annabeth carries a gift from her mother that came with an unnerving demand: Follow the Mark of Athena. Avenge me. Annabeth already feels weighed down by the prophecy that will send seven demigods on a quest to find—and close—the Doors of Death. What more does Athena want from her?

Annabeth’s biggest fear, though, is that Percy might have changed. What if he’s now attached to Roman ways? Does he still need his old friends? As the daughter of the goddess of war and wisdom, Annabeth knows she was born to be a leader, but never again does she want to be without Seaweed Brain by her side.

Narrated by four different demigods, The Mark of Athena is an unforgettable journey across land and sea to Rome, where important discoveries, surprising sacrifices, and unspeakable horrors await. Climb aboard the Argo II, if you dare….


I need a moment… I finished this book a few days ago and I still need a moment… I cry whenever I think about it.

“Like water leaking through a dam,” said Piper.
“Yeah,” smiled Percy. “We’ve got a dam hole.”
“What?” Piper asked.
“Nothing,” he said. “Inside joke.”

I no way I was ready for what happened in this book, but it was honestly so beautiful it was worth all the tears I shed over it. This book was just incredible, I loved every minute of it, and even if that ending was terrible because my heart broke, at the same time it was so full of love I just, *sobs* I’m sorry I’m emotional.

“Yeah, but… I could have killed you.” “Or I could have killed you,” Percy said. Jason shrugged. “If there’d been an ocean in Kansas, maybe.” “I don’t need an ocean-” “Boys,” Annabeth interrupted, “I’m sure you both would’ve been wonderful at killing each other.”

I loved having all the characters finally together and the dynamics between them were so funny, especially the rivalry (not that it was really a rivalry since these two love each other) between Percy and Jason. I laughed so much through every battle because Percy’s sassiness reached a whole new level with this book.

“Gods of Olympus.” Piper stared at Leo. “What happened to you?”
His hair was greased back. He had welding goggles on his forehead, a lipstick mark on his cheek, tattoos all over his arms, and a T-shirt that read HOT STUFF, BAD BOY, and TEAM LEO.
“Long story,” he said.

I loved how Rick described Rome, it was so accurate, expect for the part about pizza, because seriously, we have the best pizza here. Rick next time you visit let me know and I’ll give you true roman pizza! Anyway I’m going to cry until Annabeth and Percy get their happily ever after.

“We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”

I’m almost done with House of Hades and I can assure you that, yes, it gets even better!

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