Happy birthday Lily Calloway!

Happy birthday Lily Calloway! Or should I say Hale? Krista and Becca created an amazing character that we have all come to love and since it’s her birthday, I decided to write a short fic in honor of that. I hope you guys enjoy and let me know in the comments what you think! 

“I can’t believe you took me to Paris.” Lo draws me to his chest. “You’re standing on top of the Eiffel Tower. Better believe it, love.” I lean into him, relaxed, and look out over the city. It’s ten in the morning and it’s still a little chilly, but we checked online before we left the hotel and it should get warmer later in the day. Tourists buzz around us, wearing sunhats and white sneakers and taking ten thousand pictures of their family. A lot of people are carrying around selfie sticks and are trying to take a good picture with Paris as their background. And no one speaks French. I don’t know what language they are speaking, my knowledge of language begins and ends pretty much with English. If Connor was here he could tell me exactly where everyone was from. But Connor is home with Rose and it’s just me and Lo. And it’s nice to have some time to ourselves, but I worry about Moffy anyway. Before I left I asked Rose to send me hourly updates on him, but she just scoffed and said that there wouldn’t be anything to update me about, and drew me in a quick hug. When she pulled back Daisy winked at me and pointed at her phone. She’s been sending me pictures of him every hour since we got off the plane. I smile when I think about the last picture she sent me: a selfie of her and Moffy. I miss my son and my sisters and their husbands, but I’m determined to enjoy this vacation with Lo. It’s been a while since we had some time alone, just the two of us. So I turn around, stand on my tiptoes and give Lo a quick kiss. “Thank you.” I murmur. The corner of his mouth lifts up. “What was that for?” I shrug. “Just for taking me to Paris for my birthday.” He kisses me. “You’re welcome, love.” I nod a few times and glance around me. “Do you think we should take a picture?” I ask him. “If you want.” Lo replies. I wrinkle my nose. “We’re in Paris after all,” I say, my eyes falling on a couple taking a selfie. Lo hands me his phone. “Just take a picture, Lil.” I take his phone, murmuring an okay and open the camera app. I hold up the phone, and Lo draws me close. He’s wearing sunglasses but his lips are a thin line. “Smile.” I say. He pokes my side and I shriek. “Okay, okay! Then don’t smile.” But the corners of his mouth lift up and I quickly snap a picture. I hand him his phone back. “Can you send me the photo later? I want it as my lockscreen.” Lo shoves his phone back in his pocket. “Why?” I feel myself getting red. “Because you look handsome.” He chuckles softly. “Don’t I always?” he asks. “Lo!” I exclaim and smack his shoulder. He mock winces. “Okay, okay. I’ll text it to you later.” He grins a little. I try to copy my sister and glare at him, but he just grins wider. “Glaring doesn’t suit you, Lil.” I sigh defeated. He pecks my cheek. “C’mon, let’s go for a coffee and something to eat. I’m starving.” I follow him to the stairs. “Oh, can we get a croissant? Or pains au chocolat?” I ask, suddenly hungry too. “Why do you want chocolate in pain?” Lo asks, looking back at me and frowning. “Pain is bread in French.” I tell him proudly. He smirks and taps my nose. “Someone’s French is improving.” I sigh. “I’ll never be on Connor and Rose’s level though.” Lo wraps his arm around me. “That’s okay. I like it when you’re on my level. And you probably don’t want to know what they are saying to each other, anyway.” I lean against him. “Probably not.” Lo kisses the top of my head. “That’s my girl. Now let’s go get those painful chocolate breads.”

It’s late in the afternoon and we’re lying on the grass in the Parc du Luxembourg after spending the whole day wandering through the streets of Paris. Lo is using his backpack as pillow and I’m lying with my head on Lo’s stomach. My fingers are sticky from the chocolate crepes we just ate and my feet are tired, but I haven’t felt so content and at peace in a long time. It’s nice being outside without being harassed by paparazzi. “Can we move to France?” I ask Lo, licking the chocolate of my fingers. “It’s nice, huh?” He murmurs lazily. I turn my head to look at him and even though he’s wearing sunglasses, I can see his eyes are closed. I reach out my hand and touch his cheekbones and his eyes flutter open. “Whatcha doing, love?” I flush red. “Hmm?” A grin slowly spreads on his lips. “You have nice cheekbones.” I say defensively, my cheeks even redder. Lo chuckles and I feel it rumbling through his chest. “Don’t laugh at me!” I swat my hands at him and he catches my wrists and pulls me on top of him. “Lo! We’re in a park!” I hiss and try to break free but he holds me close. “Relax, Lil. No one knows us and no one cares.” He kisses me, still holding my wrists and I relax and kiss him back. His tongue parts my lips and slips into my mouth, when suddenly someone coughs and we break apart. Two feet away from us are standing two girls in a schooluniform with backpacks. One is wearing a bow in her hear and the other is wearing glasses and has her hair in pigtails. I flush deep red and scramble up. Lo adjusts his sunglasses and gets up too. One of the girls starts speaking in rapid French and my eyes widen. “Stop- no, we- we don’t speak.. French.” I stammer, my cheeks flaming. The girls exchange looks and the girl in the glasses speaks up shyly. “We are big fans. Can we take picture?” she asks with heavy French accent. She pushes her glasses up her nose nervously and it reminds me of Willow. So I look at Lo who shrugs and I nod at the girls. “Yeah, okay.” I murmur. Smiles break out on their faces and they fish their phones out of their pockets. Lo puts one arm over my shoulder and the other over the girl with the glasses. I smile awkwardly at the camera as they snap a few pictures. “Thank you so much!” they shriek. “No problem,” Lo says and I swear they almost faint. “Thank you! Enjoy Paris!” they pick up their backpacks and dart off. I watch them disappear and then I turn to Lo and smack his arm. “What was that for!?” he asks, rubbing his arm. “For making out with me in a park!” I tell him and he smirks. “You liked it.”  He pulls me back to the ground and positions his head on his makeshift pillow again. “Doesn’t matter. What if they were the police!? Do you think they’d throw us in jail for making out on public property?” I suddenly wonder and Lo laughs. “No one is going to throw us in jail for kissing in a park, Lil, calm down.” I sit up and look at him. “How do you know? Maybe the rules in Europe are different and kissing in public is not allowed!” He huffs. “Did you see a sign anywhere that said no kissing allowed?” I screw up my nose. “No, but-“ He pulls me back down. “No buts.”
“But I like your butt.” I murmur and he tweaks my nose. “That I know.” I lie back with my head on his chest. “What do you want for dinner later?” Lo asks and I shrug. “Want to try escargots?” I wrinkle my nose. “Ew, Lo! I’m not going to eat snails, gross!” He laughs and starts playing with my hair. “We’ll figure it out later.” I just nod lazily. My eyes are fluttering close and I start dozing off when my phone beeps. It’s a text from Daisy. I smile when I open the attached picture. It’s Moffy wearing his wampa cap, his lips parted in a smile and he’s sitting on Daisy’s lap. She’s holding him with one arm and with her other hand she makes a peace sign at the camera. A second later Ryke texts me: Happy fucking birthday Lil. Get back soon, Daisy is driving me crazy with all these fucking pictures. I smirk and clutch the phone to my chest. I feel a rush of happiness, being here in Paris with Lo, but knowing they’re all okay back home is that’s the most perfect birthday present anyone could ever give me.


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