Review: Paper Hearts (Hearts #2) by Claire Contreras



I lost her.

No, I didn’t lose her. I threw her away.

She was my best friend.

I was never supposed to fall in love with her.

I was careless.

She was heartbroken.

I was doing fine until she came back into my life and reminded me what love was supposed to feel like.

When it’s all said and done, she may not want to stay, but this time I’m going to do everything in my power to not let her go.


When I found this book on goodreads I screamed and jumped around like a lunatic beacuse I loved Kaleidoscope Hearts (you can find my review here) and I was so excited to read more about this world. The characters were introduced in the previous book, and there’s a lot of Oliver and Elle in this one as well so, just get your hands on this series. Plus the covers are just gorgeous.

I let her go, not because I loved her too much to ask her to stay, but because I couldn’t bear to hear her tell me she wouldn’t. Still, every once in a while I wonder. And nothing is more haunting than regret.

This book kindly included the free novella Torn Hearts, which is a prequel I adored, and you can find it on Contreras’s wattpad. It’s the story of how Mia and Jensen got together, and how everything fell apart. I really recommend you read the novella before the book because there’s not really much of that part of story in the book. It’s only around 40 pages long, and it’s very emotional and beautiful so you won’t regret it.

I looked up at him, he looked down at me, and something passed between us. There was an ocean of possibilities swimming in his eyes but with it came a wave of realization and I was quickly reeled back from it’s current. “This doesn’t mean anything,” I said quietly, taking my hand from his. “This mean everything,” he said as I pushed open the door.

Basically, Mia and Jensen have known each other since forever, and once their relationship started they were inseparable. They weren’t just lovers, they were best friends. Everyone knew they were the real deal. But when college started and Jensen moved, they didn’t know how to handle their feelings, so they took a break. And that’s how Jensen became a daddy. Mia never forgave him, but he never lost hope.

Question of the day from: @The_Review_Loft: “How would you describe the #feeling of #love in 140 or less characters?”

Answer: Like somebody is gripping your heart, but you don’t want them to let go because the ache would worsen without them.

After five years of ignoring Jensen, Mia met him at a wedding (a wedding you’ll be very much happy to read about) and was thrown back to the place she started from when he left her, heartbroken and definitely not over him. Then she moved to New York for work, where he lives, and that’s when Jensen decides that it’s the right time to fight to get his girl back. Mia is a character you just can’t help loving. She’s HILARIOUS! She’ll say whatever pass through her head with no filters, and that usually leads to awkwardly funny scenes. But she hides so much pain behind her humor, a vulerability that will make you root for her happiness no matter what.

I sighed, leaning my head back against the wall and closing my eyes. “I hate him. I hate him. I hate her. I hate New York. I hate love. I hate my heart for being a fucking living reminder of his love. I fucking hate everything.”

Yeah, she’s pretty bitter when it comes to Jensen, but she has good reasons. Unfortunatly, the heart doesn’t listen to what we want, it decides for us, and Mia’s really wants Jensen badly. They have to see each other for work and he doesn’t miss a bit to lift her off her feet. While reading I could feel by the way he looked at her, or by the way he found any excuse to touch her, or by the way he caressed her hair, just how much he loved her. He’s a man who knows how to make her feel that love. Plus he’s a writer, he writes books for children (that alone screams hotness), and writes some articles on his lifes. Some of this articles are included between chapters, along with those question of the day on twitter, and were absolutely awesome! Jensen is a loving father, and his daughter is the cutest. He’s just as funny as Mia, and when they are together they are explosive.

“Do what makes your soul smile.” I sniffed. “You’re so lame.” “I thought you loved that one?” she asked, laughing at the distaste on my face. “No. ‘Do what sets your soul on fire’ is the one I like. I don’t like corny shit about smiling souls.”

That’s Mia not liking corny shit, Jensen is definitely corny. I loved how much Mia and Jensen’s friends were involved in this book. They lightened up the mood and showed just how important friends are.

Maybe our souls really are scattered in the things we love, and we are all completely lost, but from the moment she looked at me, I felt like I’d been found.

A beautiful book about second chances.

manuela calloway sisters


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