Happy birthday Ryke Meadows!

It’s September 19th and if you’re part of the Fizzle Force you know it’s time for Ryke’s birthday. *throws confetti* *sings happy birthday* It has gotten kind of a tradition for me to write a fic for the birthday boy or girl, so of course I couldn’t leave out Ryke. So without further ado, here’s a fic to celebrate his birthday, and his awesomeness. 


“Ryke, is that you?” Lo’s voice calls out as soon as I slam the front door close. “Yeah.” I call back. “Come here for a second,” he yells and I groan. “I fucking told you not to buy me any presents,” I grunt as I strut into the kitchen, just in time to see him roll his eyes. “I don’t have a present for you. Your girlfriend does, though.” He hands me a tablet and taps the screen. “Happy birthday!” Daisy’s voice sounds out of the device. She’s grinning at the camera, a plastic tiara on top of her head. “I know you don’t want any gifts, but I’m giving you something anyway.” Her eyes twinkle. “My gift to you.. is me. But you have to earn me! That’s why you have a series of tasks to complete. Lo will give you the list.” I look up and see Lo waving a piece of paper at me. “And no cheating! Lo will accompany you today to make sure you do every single one of them and only then you get your present.” She grins widely and blows a kiss at the camera. “Have a nice day!” And then the screen goes black. Lo grabs the tablet out of my hands and shoves the paper to my chest. I look at the list and groan.

Tasks Ryke must complete to get his birthday present:

  1. Take a picture of your abs (don’t roll your eyes at me- I love your abs)
  2. Buy me a flower crown
  3. Write a haiku about snow
  4. Make Rose laugh
  5. Do the chubby bunny challenge
  6. Take a selfie with a stranger
  7. Order a Happy Meal with a girl toy
  8. Let Rose do your make up and upload a photo of it on Instagram

Number 9 is a location. I look up, brows furrowed. “What the fuck is a chubby bunny challenge? And make Rose laugh? That woman never fucking laughs,” I groan. “I heard that,” her icy voice comes up behind me and I turn around. “What the fuck?” Rose, Lily and Connor walk into the living room all holding pom poms. “We’re here to cheer you on!” Lily explains excitedly. “You’re not fucking serious,” I grunt. “Ryke,” Connor says in a warning tone. “What now, Cobalt?” I run a hand through my hair. “Daisy went through all this trouble for you, don’t be a dick,” Lo says. “I’m not a fucking dick.” I sigh. “Fine, I’ll do the tasks, but don’t think I’ll fucking like them.” Rose smirks lightly and I point at her. “Does that count as making you laugh?” Her expression turns cold immediately. “You wish,” she sneers. “Fuck,” I mutter and she smirks again. “Does that fucking count?” She scoffs. “Don’t think I’m making this easy for you, Ryke.” She warns me. “Just do the tasks, Ryke. We’ll help you.” Lily says but Lo shakes his head. “We can’t help him. Daisy’s orders.” He draws her to his chest and pecks her flushed cheek. “Fucking fine. Can someone at least tell me what this fucking chubby bunny challenge is?” I look around the circle. “You have to stuff marshmallows in your mouth and say chubby bunny,” Lily answers quickly. “Is that it?” I frown. “Basically.” I walk over to the cupboards. “Do we have marshmallows?” It takes a few minute long search but eventually Rose fishes a bag of marshmallows out of a drawer. I open the bag and take one out. I’m about to put one into my mouth when I notice Lo is filming. “Don’t fucking film this.” Lo grins widely. “Daisy’s orders.” I shake my head. “I’m gonna kill her,” Connor grins too. “No you won’t.” I look straight into the camera on Lo’s phone. “You’re going to pay for this, sweetheart.” Then I stuff the first marshmallow into my mouth, pushing it with my tongue against the inside of my cheek. They all look at me expectantly. “Chubby bunny,” I grunt. Lo and Connor chuckle and Lily bites her lip but giggles too. I put another one in my mouth. “Chubby bunny.” I continue stuffing marshmallows in my mouth. It feels fucking uncomfortable and Lo has handed his phone to Connor because he’s laughing too hard. Lily is the only one who’s still waving her pom poms, cheering me on. I put one more, and spit out: “Chubby bunny.” Drool slips out of my mouth and slides down my chin. “Eew!” Lily shrieks laughing. “The next one is going to be fatal,” Connor states and Rose nods in agreement, her lips still a thin line. I glare at him and with a lot of effort I manage to put another in. “Chubbe bl-“ I try, but the marshmallows come falling out of my mouth and bounce on the counter. Everyone cracks up, even Rose. I spit them all out and wipe my mouth. “That was fucking nasty.” I quickly down a glass of water. “I’m so glad that was filmed,” breathes Lo, still laughing. I flip him off. “You fucking laughed. Can I cross that off the list?” I say to Rose and she exchanges a look with Lily who shrugs. “Fine. Cross it off.” She waves nonchalantly with her hand. I grab the paper and a pen and cross the two items off. “Next fucking thing.” The following two hours I spend in downtown Philly with Lo. Rose points me towards a good shop to buy Daisy’s flower crown, where I kill two fucking birds with one stone and take a selfie with the girl behind the counter. The guy who takes my order at McDonalds doesn’t even look weird when I ask for a girl toy with my Happy Meal. Great fucking guy. Back home, Rose takes time to give me a make-over and she carries a kit into the living room with the most make up shit I have ever seen. “Do you really fucking need all this?” I pick up one of the mascaras, but she slaps my hand and I drop it. “Don’t touch my stuff,” she says stiffly. I just shrug and let her do her work. Lo has disappeared for a while and I’m alone with Rose. “How’s the list going?” she asks me while she works on my eyes. “Fine. I still have to write that fucking haiku. I know it’s a poem but I don’t know what’s so fucking special about it,” I grunt. “A haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. It exists out of three lines and the first and last lines are five syllables while the middle line is seven syllables.” Rose immediately tells me. “Thanks, Mrs. Cobalt.” I deadpan. “How am I going to write a fucking haiku about snow? Snow, snow, fucking snow. Snow, snow, snow, snow, fucking snow. Snow, white fucking snow.” Rose huffs. “Beautiful, but Daisy expects more than that.” She motions for me to close my eyes and I do so. “I know that,” I tell her. “I know that you know,” her hands work fast and steady and she’s done with me in no time, handing me a mirror. Thank fucking God she has only accented my eyes and cheekbones and I still look slightly natural. “Give me your phone and I’ll take a picture for you,” Rose offers and I hand her my phone. “Smile,” she murmurs, holding up the phone. I look at her, deadpan and she snaps the photo. “Can you take one of my abs too?” I roll my eyes at that. “Daisy’s orders.” Rose just smirks lightly and nods. I lift up my shirt and she snaps another picture. “Thanks.” I take my phone back. “Upload that on Instagram,” she warns me and starts packing up her make-up kit. I’ve just uploaded it when Lo comes back downstairs. A wide grin plays on his lips when he sees me. “You make a beautiful girl.” He says, grinning wide and eyes sparkling. “Fuck you,” I flip him off. “I’m doing this for Daisy, not so you can make fucking fun of me, little brother.” Lo just shrugs and starts typing something on his phone. “Texting Daisy?” He’s been updating Daisy all day. “Yup.” He shoves his phone back in his pocket. “What’s left on the list?” He leans with his elbows on the kitchen counter. “The fucking haiku.” His face turns sympathetic. “Good luck with that man,” he shoves a notebook and a pen to me. “Thanks,” I grunt and plop down on the couch. Lo fishes a can of Fizz out of the fridge. “I’ll leave you to it,” and he disappears back upstairs. Probably to fuck Lily. I tap with the pen on the notebook. Let’s fucking write this haiku.

Two hours later and I still have nothing. I hurl the fucking notebook against the wall in frustration when Rose walks in, wearing her coat. “I take that that you haven’t got any luck so far?” She notes. “I can’t fucking write a haiku. I’m a journalist. Not a fucking poet.” She shrugs off her coat. “Come, I’ll take off your make-up.” She motions me to a chair and I sit down while she gets make-up remover and some cotton balls. “You’re making it way too complicated. It’s easy, writing a haiku. It doesn’t even have to rhyme.” She tells me while she scrubs my face. “Maybe, but I can’t find a fucking thing to write about snow.” She nods. “Close your eyes,” I do as she says and I feel the cotton move over my eyelids. “What is snow?” she asks then and I frown. “You fucking know what snow is, Rose.”
“Yes, but tell me.” My frown deepens. “White, flurry stuff.”
“Hmm hmm, and what does snow do?” I sigh. “It falls from the sky to the ground.”
“And then?”
“Then it melts.”
“Open your eyes.” I crack my eyelids open. “You can make a haiku with what you just told me,” she says. I mull the words over in my head and after a full minute I jerk my head up towards her. She gives me a meaningful look and I almost grin. Then I jump off the chair. “Gotta write that fucking shit down.” My pen flies across the paper. When I look up, Rose is gone. I shove the notebook in my pocket, find the paper with the list, print the location in my mind and then I’m out of the fucking door.


It’s later than I expected when my phone buzzes with a text from Ryke. A fucking hotel? the screen lights up. I grin and text him back the room number. Five minutes later there’s a knock on the door. “Come in!” I call out in a cheerful voice. The door opens and there he is, my own wolf. I grin widely, but his expression stays neutral even though his eyes flick over me. I’m only wearing a ratty t-shirt and the boy shorts Lily got me with Ryke’s sweetheart on my ass, but I know he doesn’t care about fancy lingerie. “I take it you’ve finished the list?” I ask, a smile still glued on my lips. He takes a step towards me but I hold up my hand. “Read the haiku first.” He scowls but fishes a notebook out of his pocket and flips it open. “Snow, white, flurry stuff. Falls from the sky to the ground. And then melts to rain.” He slowly recites. In the quiet that follows I hear my heart thunder in my ears. “That was great,” I murmur and one corner of his mouth pulls up slowly. He reaches in his other pocket and throws me something. A flower crown. With that the moment is broken. I smile widely and put it on my head. “Like it?” I cock my head at him. “Fucking love it,” he deadpans. He starts walking to me. “You look good with make up on,” I tell him cheerfully. He pulls me to my feet. “I knew you were talented with your mouth, but I didn’t know you could fit that many marshmallows in it.” I wag my eyebrows. “Daisy,” he says gruffly and cups my chin between his thumb and finger. “Hm?”
“Shut up,” he growls and kisses me. I smile against his lips and he pulls back. “What?” he searches my eyes. “I can’t believe you did the list. I thought you were going to say fuck it and come straight to the hotel.” He lets out a laugh. “Oh, I fucking considered that, sweetheart.”
“What changed your mind?” A silence falls and I can see him think about it. “You.” He finally says. I smile widely and he kisses my smile. “But don’t ever fucking do that again, Dais,” he warns me and I laugh. He wraps his arms around me and I rest my head against his chest. “I love you,” I tell him. “I fucking love you, too.” I smile and hide my face in his chest, where I whisper: “Happy fucking birthday.”

amy calloway sisters

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