Happy Birthday Loren Hale!

It’s Halloween! For normal people that means trick or treat and dressing up, but for the fizzle force it means that it’s Lo’s birthday! *throws confetti* We all love him so much our hearts hurt *clutches heart* *wipes tears away* But of course it being a birthday from the addicted gang, I, Amy, couldn’t let it pass without writing him a fanfic. This fic takes place when Moffy is five years old, just so you don’t get confused. I’ll let the rest speak for itself. Again, a happy birthday to the love of our lives and I hope y’all enjoy the fic! 

“Daddy, are you done!?” I hear Moffy’s voice from outside the bedroom. “Almost, little man. Lil, I need your help.” The door opens – “Wait here, Moffy, mommy will be right back.” – and Lily slips inside and closes the door. She looks at me and I see her eyes darting down for a second before looking up and finding my eyes. She blushes instantly and I grin slowly. “Can you zip me up, love?” She walks over to me and starts zipping me up. “I think it’s nice you’re doing this with Moffy,” she says softly. Before I can say something, there’s banging on the door. “Daddy, hurry!” I chuckle and turn around. “How do I look?” Lily smiles and kisses me quickly. “Very handsome.” I grab the shield from the bed and open the door to find a little green hulk standing there with his fists raised. When he sees me he instantly smiles and drops his hands. “Captain America!” he yells. “The Hulk!” I yell back, throwing Moffy over my shoulder. He shrieks in laughter. “Are you ready to help people?” I ask him when I put him down. “Yes!” He raises a fist in the air. “Who first, Hulk-son?” Moffy points at Lily. “You have to carry mommy downstairs.” I frown a little and exchange a look with Lily but she shrugs. “Why?” Moffy’s face is complete seriousness when he says: “Because she has a baby in her belly.” I glance at Lily who looks at Moffy with a fond look in her eyes. The bump is barely visible but it’s there. We knew shortly after Moffy was born we wanted another kid, but it took a while. Now, five years later, Lily is three months pregnant and we just know it is the right time. Rose is pregnant again too, even though little William was born two years ago. Ryke wanted to shorten his name to Willy, but Rose and Connor immediately put a stop to that. Can’t blame them; no one wants their kid to have a name that means dick. I motion Lily towards me with two fingers. “Hop on, love.” She places her hands on my shoulders and jumps on. I hold her by her legs and walk down the stairs. Moffy races past us. Once we’re down, Lily slides off my back. “Thanks for helping me,” she smiles and Moffy’s face lights up. “You’re welcome, mommy.” Then he sprints into the living room. I quickly kiss Lily and whisper in her ear: “Can’t wait to see you dressed as Black Widow.” She flushes slightly but smiles. “Alright, Cap. Go help the Hulk,” I chuckle and walk into the living room. “Daisy, can we help you?” I hear Moffy ask. He’s standing next to the couch and poking in Daisy’s foot. Daisy looks up from her phone and smiles. “Hey, Hulk.” She looks up and notices me. “And Captain America.” Moffy puts his hands on both of his sides and puffs his chest. “We’re helping people.” Daisy laughs. “Really? Well, I can use some help.” I sit down on the couch’s armrest. “Captain America and the Hulk are at your service,” I say, earning a thumbs up from Moffy. She puts her phone down. “Can you pick up Ryke at the gym?” I frown. “I thought Connor was picking him up.”
“He was, but he had an emergency meeting and can’t pick up Ryke.” I sigh. “He should’ve just taken his motorcycle. But fine, we’ll pick him up. C’mon Hulk. We’re going to pick up uncle Ryke at the gym.” Moffy’s face lights up and he races towards the front door, yelling: “To the Batmobile!” I grab my keys and walk after him. “Captain America and the Hulk don’t have a Batmobile, son,” I ruffle his hair and he looks up at me, clearly thinking. “But we borrowed it from Batman.” I grin slowly. “As long as we get it back to Batman on time.” He nods rapidly and then runs out of the door. We drive to the gym and when I pull into the parking lot, Ryke’s already waiting outside. A group of girls is standing a few feet away, obviously staring at him, but he doesn’t notice. When he sees the car, he walks over and slides into the backseat. “Hey,” I nod to him as we make eyecontact in the rearview mirror. He nods back. “Hey little man,” he says to Moffy and holds up his hand for a high five and Moffy hits it enthusiastically. “What are you for green monster?” Ryke asks, as he leans back in his seat. “I’m the Hulk, uncle Ryke!” Moffy exclaims. “My fucking bad,” my brother answers. Moffy’s eyes grow wide. “You said the F-word.” Ryke almost smirks. “I did.” Moffy turns around in his seat to look at him. “You can’t say that word.”
“Says who?”
“Daddy,” Moffy points at me. “I’m old, I can say the F-word, kid.” Moffy seems to think about that. “How old do I have to be before I can say it?”
“Eighteen.” Moffy nods solemnly. “Okay.” I quickly glance back at Ryke. “Did you just give my son permission to say the word fuck when he’s 18?”
“I fucking did.”
“You’re unbelievable.” Ryke has slipped his phone out of his pocket and is looking at the screen while he answers. “You should be fucking used to it by now.” I pull into the driveway. “You’d think that.” Moffy jumps out of the car and runs to the door. We follow on a slower pace. When we walk to the door, Ryke says: “I didn’t have a chance to say it this morning, but happy fucking birthday, man.” I look at him, smirking lightly. “Thanks, bro.” I put the key in the lock and push open the door. “Happy birthday, uncle Lo!” Janie and William come running towards me yelling. I get on my knees and Jane’s arms fly around my neck and William follows a second later. “Thanks, you little muppets.” I pull back and they immediately run off again, Jane in a tutu and William dressed as a cowboy. I follow them into the living room, just in time to see Rose pick up William. Connor is leaning against the wall in a Zorro outfit but walks towards me when I come in. “Emergency meeting, huh?” I say. He grins. “We had to get you out of the house, somehow.” He pulls me in for a hug and pats my back. “Happy birthday, Lo. I would give you a lap dance, but I’m afraid that wouldn’t be PG rated.” I chuckle and wink at him. “Save it for later, love. Cute outfit, by the way.” He rubs his lips and grins again. “You look good too, babe.” Daisy cuts in. “Save the flirting for later, there are kids in the room.” She’s dressed as a fairy and her wings flutter behind her. “You mean you?” I banter. “Yes, Lo. I’m obviously the youngest one here,” she rolls her eyes playfully and pecks my cheek. “Happy birthday.” I smile. “Thanks, Daisy.” She smiles widely and twirls off. Rose approaches, William back on the ground again. “Happy birthday, Loren,” she says, while Connor wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her to his side. “Thanks. What are you dressed as, the ice queen?”
“I’m Audrey Hepburn,” she snaps, “And you would’ve known that if you ever paid attention to the movies I pick out.” I grin. “Yeah, but your movies are boring.” Two arms snake around my waist. “Lo, don’t be mean to Rose.” my favorite voice in the world says. I turn around and find Lily there, wearing her Black Widow outfit as promised. My eyes glide over her frame and when I look at face again, she’s slightly flushed. “You look hot,” I murmur. She nudges my ribs and I grin. “Don’t laugh like that,” She covers my lips with her hand. I stick out my tongue and she pulls her hand back quickly, shrieking. I chuckle while she wipes her hand off. She glares at me, but it’s so adorable I peck her lips. Then I hear the front door open and a few seconds later Willow and Garrison walk in, dressed as Hermione and Harry. Lily lets me go so they can congratulate me. Willow hugs me – “Happy birthday, Lo!” – and pushes a little box in my hand when she pulls back. “It’s a Slytherin badge.” She smiles a little and I press a kiss on her cheek. “Thanks, Willow.” Garrison gives me a hand. “Happy birthday, dude. How does it feel to be old?” I grin, looking around the room at my family, all laughing and talking together. I look at my son, playing with his cousins and I look at my wife who’s regarding me with love in her eyes. I smile at her, my eyes never leaving hers as I answer Garrison. “Great. It feels great.”

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