Review: The Fall of Gods (Welcome to the Underworld #2) by Con Template



The world has fallen.

This is what Choi Yoori feels when her reality begins to crumble all around her. After discovering irrefutable evidence that she was indeed An Soo Jin, the legendary Queen of the Underworld who “died” 3 years prior, her world is left in anarchy.

Time is ticking for Yoori. The elders of the Underworld are doing everything in their power to pit Kwon Tae Hyun—her crime lord boss and the favored King of the Underworld—against her. The memories of her dark past are closing in on her and in the midst of this chaos, Yoori is also plagued with an unsettling realization that she may have fallen for Tae Hyun.

Falling for a King of the Underworld has its consequences and in a society where love will never conquer all, Yoori will learn if finding “Paris” in the Underworld is truly worth it.


Uhm, well this was a disappointment. I loved the first book, and I’m still going to read the next ones, because the ending was a great set up for what’s to come.

It was official; the impossible had occurred… The King of Serpents had stumbled into a foreign country, a foreign emotion, that he once promised himself that he would never venture into.

This book was a let down for me because it lacked all those things that had made this series so intriguing. First of all, that ridiculousness I found funny in the first book, became really awkward in this one. Yoori kept thinking one thing and doing or saying the complete opposite, and it was annoying most of the time. The angst was unbearable. I know, I usually don’t mind when the two main characters have to overcome a lot of obstacles to finally be together, but it was definitely too much.

“It is a rarity for the Underworld Royals to have good childhoods, we are too busy losing our souls.”

Yoori’s insecurities about being with Tae Hyun was basically all this book was about. Yes, there were some really cute and funny scenes, some emotional ones; but the main plot was overlooked until the very end when we find out some new informations about An Soo Jin, and Tae Hyun, and that was the part I liked the most. It felt like this book wasn’t necessary for the development of both the plot and the characters. I still think this is a good series with a lot of potential, and I’m pretty sure The War of Gods will find again the right path; we’ll see.

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