Review: Legend (REAL #6) by Katy Evans



I was so excited to read this book because the REAL series is one of my favorites. And I’m so glad it did not disappoint! Legend is highly addictive, riveting, and well written romance. The hero and heroine’s chemistry is magnetic and explosive. It truly ended the series with a bang!


Evans never fails to deliver a captivating hero. Malcolm Saint, Remington Tate and the new addition… Maverick Cage!

Maverick ‘The Avenger’ Cage is quiet, enigmatic, intoxicating,and determined. He oozes strength and his presence is electric. 

“I learn the best when I’m on the ground ’cause I fucking hate it there.”

He’s the new kid in the underground boxing who’s background is a mystery. But already people feared him because of the tattoo on his back. Why? You have to anticipate and read what it all means. He likes to keep to himself and only has this fierce passion to be the best fighter ever. He wants to be legend and defeat the reigning King of The Ring- Malcolm ‘Riptide’ Tate(MY LOVE).

“I want to be a legend. Legends never die. Even if they die alone.”

He is used to be alone until one day she met the endearing, Reese Dumas. Reese is the cousin of Tate’s wife, Brooke. But Maverick doesn’t know that she’s part of Tate’s team. When he discovered who she is, it’s already too late. They already formed a bond and he couldn’t and doesn’t want to stay away from her. If that wasn’t a problem enough, their past that they hidden from each other threatens their chance to be happy. Can they win the fight to be together when everything seems to be against them?

This love makes no sense. It’s complicated and confusing and scary and I still have it bad for him and I still feel it. And I know it’s rushed and I know it’s dangerous and I know it’s maybe a little bit doomed, but I also know it’s true.

I had hoped so because I loved Maverick and Reese! I was rooting for them because their connection feels so believable and oh boy it was intense! I swear, every interaction they had was brimming with scorching chemistry! It was HOT!

“I feel like I’m on top of a mountain with you,” I whisper, as he kisses my neck. “Let’s never come down.”

And I have to mention that Maverick and Tate’s unexpected friendship was everything! Tate was very supportive and understanding towards Maverick, it proves why he is one of my top book boyfriends. Now, If you’re wondering who wins in the final fight between them… YOU HAVE TO READ IT!


!!Some major spoilers ahead. Do not continue if you haven’t read it yet!! 

I’m so sad that this is the final book of the REAL series but I can say that I definitely enjoyed the ride. I loved this quote //**SPOILER**”…fucking crazy Remington Tate is grinning over the top of his head at me. The crowd is yelling after him as he leaves the ring for the last time, a legend. Eternal.”// Hell yes Remington Tate is a legend. I will always love him and Brooke. Oh speaking of Tate and Brooke //*SPOILER* I feel so emotional that they named their daughter Iris after their song! *cries*//  Maverick and Tate’s story is a beautiful one too and so was Melanie and Greyson’s and Pandora and Mackenna’s. I adore all of them! I adore these books!




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