Review: Killer by Heather C. Leigh



UnthinKable. UnimagInable.  UndeniabLe.  UnforgivabLe.  SalvageablE.  Redeemable.

Ten years ago, their lives shattered to pieces…
And he’s the KILLER that has to live with it.

Two people. One incident. Interwoven between two damaged souls in ways they don’t understand.


“The fact I feel anything should let me know I’m headed in the wrong direction, headed down a path of darkness, destruction, and failure. A path that will dig out memories so painful I’ve created an entire persona to avoid dealing with them. Yet I know—I’m going down that path headfirst no questions asked, no matter the outcome.
I might be a monster, but I’m a selfish one.”—Keller Keating

“When his strength envelops me, every wrong becomes right, every anxiety melts away, every doubt disappears. I feel calm, safe, whole. The spark of life that’s been missing inside burns bright, lighting me up like a solar flare, sizzling white-hot through my veins. Keller brings me out of the darkness and into the light.”—Britton Reeves


I was kindly provided an ARC of Killer by the author in exchange for an honest review, and I wasn’t sure what to expect since the blurb doesn’t give much away. It is the story of two damaged people, unknowingly linked by the same tragic event, who find peace in each other’s arms.

When people look into my eyes they see the truth. That I’m a killer. This girl, though? For some reason, she meets my gaze, unwavering. 

Keller’s life changed when his sister was killed in a school shooting, on a day in which he forgot to go take her; that’s why he feels like he’s the killer, why he’s consumed by guilt, and after ten years he still can’t let go and be happy. Britt is the only survivor at that same shooting, but she suffered a head injury that caused a memory loss. Now she’s a physical therapist for MMA fighters, a job that let her feel safe and protected; that’s where she meets Keller.

The cloud must part and the angels are singing because a miracle happens. The man smiles, and it’s so beautiful it’s worth every irritating grunt and nonverbal answer he’s given so far to be able to witness what I assume is a rare event. 

The connection between the two of them is instantaneous, both on an emotional and physical level. Keller is your typical dominant alpha man, which always makes me cringe at times but if you’re ok with it you’ll like it, but underneath this emotionless facade he has to keep up to simply go on, there’s a protective man who feels a lot, and cares a lot. On the other hand Britt is a quiet girl, still scared and still dealing with her tragic past, although she’s stronger than she thinks. What I loved the most about this book is that it shows that it’s ok from Britt to need someone, to be scared, to need someone to protect her, to make her feel safe; none of it makes her weak, it only makes her human.

I can easily see Britt becoming an obsession. One with the potential to either save me or destroy me. The question is, do I want either?

Killer is well written, it’s intriguing and intense, especially as you get closer to its conclusion. In the end it was a very enjoyable read.

img_0499calloway sisters


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