Review: Heartbreaker (Unbreakable #1) by Kat and Stone Bastion



Kiki Michaelson wants one wild night to forget her starving-artist worries. Simple.

Only instead of Darren Cole becoming her one-night stand, he taunts her with a challenge. Then while she’s trying to best him at his own game, he turns out to be the last thing she’s prepared for: someone she wants to keep.

Which means all he can ever be…is a friend.

Darren Cole never allows a girl to get close—not close enough to matter.

Then storms in Kiki Michaelson, a beautiful, fearless temptation that rocks his world off-balance. But he fights their attraction, unwilling to gamble something physical with their close ties. Until the passionate sculptor exposes her heart and breaks his wide open.

In that moment it becomes clear: she could never be just a friend.

Sometimes what you run from…is exactly what you need.


I was provided with a free e-copy of this book in return for an honest review. I hadn’t read any NA books in a while before this, but Heartbreaker was the perfect book to get me back into it!

“You can’t control the world. All you can do is survive in it.”

Kiki doesn’t let any guys in. All she wants is a one night stand.. with hottie Darren, but Darren doesn’t give in to that. Instead he offers her his friendship, which she grabs with two hands. But when there’s mutual attraction, something ‘more than friends’ is bound to happen, even when they both struggle against it.

“Say it. Say you’ll give us a chance.” I tried to visualize what that might be like, but failed. “I don’t know what that means.”
“You don’t have to.”
“That makes no sense.”
“Not everything does, Kiki.”

I really liked this book! Kiki is a lady who knows what she wants, she’s funny and she’s got spirit and she’s an artist, which I really love. And Darren.. damn. To use Kiki’s words, he’s sex on a stick, that man. The story is a little cliché if I’m honest, but the characters more than make up for that. Not just Kiki and Darren, but also Logan, Darren’s little sister (I like that she has a guy’s name). She’s a tough cookie, that one. And I loved the scenes Kiki had with her sisters, even though those were few.

“I won’t let you get hurt.”
“You can’t promise that.” 

It might not be the smartest idea to read this book on a crowded train. I’ve had multiple occasions where I stumbled upon a steamy scene and I thought everyone could tell by my face what I was reading. Oops. He he. All in all, I really enjoyed it. The teaser for  book 2 at the end, really peeked my interest and I’m excited to read that one when it comes out!

amy calloway sisters



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