Review: Half Lost (Half Bad #3) by Sally Green



This is the final battle.

The Alliance is losing the war, and their most critical weapon, seventeen-year-old witch Nathan Brynn, is losing his mind. Nathan’s tally of kills is rising, and yet he’s no closer to ending the tyrannical rule of the Council of White Witches in England. Nor is Nathan any closer to his personal goal: getting revenge on Annalise, the girl he once loved before she committed an unthinkable crime. An amulet protected by the extremely powerful witch Ledger could be the tool Nathan needs to save himself and the Alliance, but this amulet is not so easily acquired. And lately Nathan has started to suffer from visions: a vision of a golden moment when he dies, and of an endless line of Hunters, impossible to overcome. Gabriel, his closest companion, urges Nathan to run away with him, to start a peaceful life together. But even Gabriel’s love may not be enough to save Nathan from this war, or from the person he has become.

Set in modern-day Europe, the final book in the Half Bad trilogy is more than a story about witches. It’s a heart-achingly visceral look at survival and exploitation, the nature of good and evil, and the risks we take for love.


I am a mess. I’ve loved this trilogy, the first book more than the second one, at least plot-wise. And I think the last one was a good combination of both. Up until the last few chapters, I’m pretty sure everyone will enjoy/love it, then something happens that for sure broke everyone’s heart, and it’s probably the reason why there are a lot of bad reviews out there. To be honest, my heart is still hurting so bad, but I think I kind of loved it.

“You’re not bad. You’re not remotely evil. You’re someone caught up in a bloody war and it’s eating you up, and that just proves how sane you are.”

One of the main strengths of this series is the character development. I completely lost myself throughout Nathan’s thoughts, his insecurities, his needs, his fears. Nat’s just a boy, a boy who’s facing something so big and so horrible, and after he had to face abuse and hate through all his childhood. So he’s broken. Nathan starts to become what everyone feared he would be; and now he’s got a lot of power, and what he wants is revenge, he needs it. It’s almost all he thinks about, if it weren’t for the people he loves who are the only ones to keep him with his feet on the ground. But revenge has its price, and can Nathan truly turn back from who he’s become?

“You’ve been away a long time. Were you lost?”

“I was wounded, not lost.”

I loved how things developed and how all the characters came together; I especially loved the romance! It wasn’t too much , as sometimes it overshadows the plot, but it was enough to make everyone happy and tingly. That’s why I can totally understand why so many people hated the ending. It was a really bold move from the author, she took a HUGE risk, and everyone will see it in a different way. With my eyes full of tears I can say that I loved it; I think the key to enjoy it is to remember that these characters are in a world in which magic is real.

img_0499calloway sisters




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