Review: The Beast (Black Dagger Brotherhood#14) by JR Ward


Nothing is as it used to be for the Black Dagger Brotherhood. After avoiding war with the Shadows, alliances have shifted and lines have been drawn. The slayers of the Lessening Society are stronger than ever, preying on human weakness to acquire more money, more weapons, more power. But as the Brotherhood readies for an all-out attack on them, one of their own fights a battle within himself…

For Rhage, the Brother with the biggest appetites, but also the biggest heart, life was supposed to be perfect—or at the very least, perfectly enjoyable. Mary, his beloved shellan, is by his side and his King and his brothers are thriving. But Rhage can’t understand—or control—the panic and insecurity that plague him…

And that terrifies him—as well as distances him from his mate. After suffering mortal injury in battle, Rhage must reassess his priorities—and the answer, when it comes to him, rocks his world…and Mary’s. But Mary is on a journey of her own, one that will either bring them closer together or cause a split that neither will recover from…


The Beast Jr ward

I am a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but I got to admit that there have been few books in this series that made me want to throw my kindle across the room. Why? Because JR Ward has a way of making a reader’s heart full and happy then ripping it, stomping on it and returning it back. Obviously that’s an exaggeration (or is it?) but you get what I’m saying. I fell in love with the Brothers and their shellans. I love their HEAs so I’m usually a bit pissed everytime their HEAs were messed with because well, this series is long so of course now and then we get to revisit the original couples. Example is Vishous and Jane’s in Lover Unleashed, Yes, I’m still bitter about that and it actually ruined my opinion about V’s love to Jane permanently. But I digress. Now, you see why I’m nervous about this one. This is a continuation of Rhage and Mary’s story. I feel protective because their story in Lover Eternal is probably my second favorite book next to Lover Awakened. But I am glad to say that my worry was for naught. In fact, The Beast brought back my love for this series!

It has a swoony romance, gripping plot, awesome action and a twist that will blow your mind! Plus, it’s Rhage’s book so you can bet your ass it’s humorous! I think the BDB that I loved is back. The last few releases in this series had been full of angst and drama so I’m glad that this one is positively amazing but still has an emotional depth on it. Hopefully, JR Ward will stay on this track.

“You are, and will always remain, the most perfect mate on earth, and the single best thing that ever happened to me.”

The Beast covered Rhage and Mary’s relationship growth and strength. They had to deal with an issue as a couple but it was so nice to see them working on it together. Their romance was so SWEET, FUNNY, SEXY and EMOTIONAL. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT.

Rhage was so endearing in this book. I fell 100x more in love with him. He’s such a “male of worth“. The beast was also adorable. The biggest and the cutest lapdog(dragon) ever. Well, except for the fact that it eats people lol. AND MARY. She was understanding, compassionate and beautiful. I LOVE THEM.

“There’s so much—have you seen Jaws?”


He thrashed back against the headrest. “No! Oh, no, the humanity!”

As Bitty started to giggle, Rhage threw out a hand to Mary. “Hold me, I have to ask the big one.”

“I’m here for you, honey.”

Rhage looked into the rearview again. “Do you even know who John McClane is?”


“Hans Gruber?”

“Um … no?”

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaary, hold me!”

^^ This is one of the cutest scenes ever.

Reading about the Brothers’ friendship was also great. Their interactions are always a treat. Those emotional moments that showed their love for one another and their banters which are hilarious.

Rhage wheeled around and went to march out—but he didn’t have to go far at all. A gathering of his Brothers filed into their suite, the males high-fiving one another and smacking Rhage on the ass.

“I’m going to get you back,” he growled. “Every single one of you—especially you, Lassiter, you fuck stick.”

“How?” the fallen angel countered. “By flooding my room? You already tried that with the pantry and Fritz got it fixed in a night.”

“No, I’m going to hide every cocksucking remote in this house.”

The angel froze. “Okay, those are fighting words.”

^^Gotta love their antics and pranks. 😉

There were a lot of things happening besides Rhage and Mary’s story but I’m surprised that it didn’t distract or bored me. It flowed well with the story. There’s the issue with the Scribe Virgin, the lesser war, things about Layla & Xcor (I still have yet to like them), Assail and new characters that were introduced.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Beast. In fact, it is now my favorite book in the bdb series. There were some game-changer twists on this one that makes me more desperate for the next book! I can’t wait!rheeza


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