Review: That Thing Between Eli & Gwen by J.J. McAvoy


Eli Davenport thinks he’s found the perfect woman to be his wife. She’s a doctor, like he is. She’s brilliant, like he is. And she’s wealthy, like he is.

Guinevere ‘Gwen’ Poe thinks her fiancé is the perfect man. He’s handsome, successful and he was her first…

But when Eli’s bride runs off with Gwen’s fiancée on his wedding day, they are left to pick up the broken pieces of each other…


***5 ‘Dr. Asshole and Con Artist’ STARS***

that thing between eli and gwen

J.J. McAvoy is one of my all time favorite authors. If you still haven’t read any of her books then I suggest you to rectify that soon, because let me tell you, I’ve read all of her books to date and I have yet to be disappointed. I love her unique, intense and bold writing style. That Thing Between Eli & Gwen is a little different from her extreme books; I would say it’s more lighthearted, yet at the same time, I got everything I loved from it because it still follows in the footsteps of her previous works as a highly addictive, smart and well written romance.

Another thing I love about J.J. McAvoy is the diversity in her book. Most of her heroines are POC and I appreciate that a lot since such representation is something we do not get often in contemporary romance. I’m happy that That Thing Between Eli &  Gwen is not an exception. I fell invested with the characters immediately. They are original, authentic, charming and memorable. I love them.

Gwen is a lovely and free spirited artist who is not afraid to embrace life. Eli is the complete opposite of Gwen. He is a strict neurosurgeon who is blunt, arrogant and aloof but he will do anything for his family. One loves art and the other loves science. One is vivacious and the other one is haughty. How can such two different people cross path?

The answer is that Eli’s bride-to-be left him at the altar for Gwen’s fiance who was with her in the wedding. What follows is a crazy yet amazing story between two jilted lovers. It wasn’t all flowery in the beginning though. Nope, this is an enemies-to-lovers trope, which I am a sucker for. There is nothing better than witty banters and sizzling sexual tension between the hero and heroines. Nothing. What makes it better though is that Eli and Gwen developed a sincere friendship before they’ve become a couple. I loved the effortless transition of their relationship. They first had this amusing competitive antics and verbal sparring thing going on between them, then they find themselves anticipating each other’s presence, and finally working things out when they recognized their attraction for each other. It was so naturally done and I loved that.

One moment she’s a normal annoying human being, and the next you can’t think of anyone more beautiful. If she stares at you and smiles, well then you’re a goner and there is no hope, just accept it.

That Thing Between Eli &  Gwen is one of the most entertaining battle of wills between the H/H and best enemies to lovers, opposites attract romances that I’ve read. It seemed like nearly every page had a funny, quotable line or scene that I adored and reread multiple times. Eli and Gwen were hilarious as they warred with each other, they were endearing when they’ve became friends and they were swoony and inspiring when they’ve realized that that thing between Eli & Gwen is love & fate– and it is real, meaningful and beautiful.



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