Introducing Us

Hi you! So cool you’re visiting our blog. Welcome! Callowaybooks is a bookblog, managed by five girls: Alexandra, Manuela, Rheeza, Paula and Amy. We all love reading and want to share our love for books with you guys. Everything on this blog will be bookrelated, reviews, recommendations and a couple of us write stories too, so you might even see a little written piece of our own. Thanks for taking a look at our blog and we hope you like it! If you have any questions or suggestions on what we can do better, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Love, the Callowaybooks Girls

Introducing Paula

Hi everyone,

PaulaMy name is Paula, I’m 19 and I live in Spain. I’m a uni student and in my free time I enjoy reading and reviewing as well as taking photographs, watching Marvel movies, eating and fangirling over Harry Potter. I read mainly YA and NA but I always enjoy some based-on-real-life books and historical fiction. Some of my favorite things are chocolate milkshakes, the smell of old books, Harry Styles, the word “allure”, seeing the sun rays through tree branches (I am so poetic) and my Calloway Sisters. If I were to describe myself I don’t know what words I would use but I’m that girl that whenever she is panicking asks herself: “what would Hermione Granger do?” But I don’t know where that leaves me.

So yeah this pretty much sums me up, if you want to know me more you can always get in touch with me here or on my twitter (username: garrisonsabbey).

Be happy, okay?

Introducing Manuela

Hi lovely people! My name is Manuela and I’m a book addict! I’m a 22 year old girl from Rome, studying architecturepic1 and wondering why I can’t read for a living. I started reading a lot when I was in high school and I was feeling really alone, reading was my safe place and so my addiction began.

I obsessively read, like always… for example it wouldn’t be strange to find me with a book while I’m blow drying my hair (you can ask my family, they’ll confirm this).

I don’t have a favorite genre, I read whatever catches my attention at the moment. Feel free to recommend me books, I’ll be glad to add them to my ever growing tbr list!

Anyways, I also love movies, tv shows, music and Lily Collins. I quite enjoy making painful edits (I often cry over them too), so I’ll try and make some to share with you all *laughs evilly*

Introducing Amy

AmyHi there! My name is Amy  and I’m a 20 year old bookobsessed girl. I live in The Netherlands, though I’d rather live in London and I’m majoring in Journalism (like Ryke Meadows, yay!). I read my first book when I was 6 and since then I’ve never stopped.

I label myself fangirl, which all started when I read Harry Potter. That series is like a first crush, it will always mean something to you. Then I read Twilight, The Hunger Games and so on. Right now, I’m absolutely in love with Vampire Academy, The Infernal Devices and the Addicted Series, but of course, books are like babies: you can’t pick a favorite.
Apart from reading, I also write. I’ve written my own book which is on sale (only Dutchies can buy this though, so if you are Dutch, contact me!) and I’m writing another story as we are speaking. I will try and write some short stories to post on here, should be fun!
I also love to watch movies, hang out with friends and I’m into photography.
I hope you like our blog and I will leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes: “We live and breathe words. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.”

Introducing Alexandra

AlexandraBonjour, the name is Alexandra. I’m an 18-year-old book obsessed & currently majoring in Translation & Interpreting. I live in Spain; normally you will find me trying to survive the streets of Barcelona but I’m really from a cold as heck town.

I’m most likely tucked between the pages of my books, listening to music or fangirling about TV shows. The way to my heart is well written strong female characters & flawed characters with a heart of gold. If you have a book recommendations with those characteristics send it my way.

I’m well-known for liking every genre ever to exist, but my preferences are Young Adult (High Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary & Fantasy), New Adult & Adult. But really I’m up for anything as long as it’s well written & it’s entertaining.

I would love to travel the world, try new experiences, read all the books I can &someday become a successful woman. This is pretty much it, if you feel like we share any traits you should contact me. I hope you enjoy our blog & never stop reading for it’s the perfect way to escape our reality.

Introducing Rheeza

RheezaHi! I’m Rheeza. Unfortunately, I haven’t received my Hogwarts letter. Yet. So now I’m taking up AB Psychology in a muggle university. I live in Philippines.

If I will describe myself I’ll say that I might be a non-feeling rude person that will STAND UP AND WALK TOWARDS YOU and cry because I’m a delicate flower. So basically, I am a walking contradiction. I could probably back-flip off the empire state building and be totally casual about it because that’s just the fangirl’s life. Basically I live between the pages of a book. What can I say, fiction is waaay cooler than reality. Give me a good book, a cold choco, plus a comfy seat and I’ll be in cloud 9. I do not have a preferred genre because I read any books that I think are good though lately I’m obsessing over New Adult books more.

So if you love to read and want to know that there are many of us out there with the same passion then you’re welcome here. Curiosity killed the cat but we’re not cats are we? So do not be afraid to learn and read books because it could probably be the best thing in the world.