Happy Birthday Loren Hale!

It’s Halloween! For normal people that means trick or treat and dressing up, but for the fizzle force it means that it’s Lo’s birthday! *throws confetti* We all love him so much our hearts hurt *clutches heart* *wipes tears away* But of course it being a birthday from the addicted gang, I, Amy, couldn’t let it pass without writing him a fanfic. This fic takes place when Moffy is five years old, just so you don’t get confused. I’ll let the rest speak for itself. Again, a happy birthday to the love of our lives and I hope y’all enjoy the fic! 

“Daddy, are you done!?” I hear Moffy’s voice from outside the bedroom. “Almost, little man. Lil, I need your help.” The door opens – “Wait here, Moffy, mommy will be right back.” – and Lily slips inside and closes the door. She looks at me and I see her eyes darting down for a second before looking up and finding my eyes. She blushes instantly and I grin slowly. “Can you zip me up, love?” She walks over to me and starts zipping me up. “I think it’s nice you’re doing this with Moffy,” she says softly. Before I can say something, there’s banging on the door. “Daddy, hurry!” I chuckle and turn around. “How do I look?” Lily smiles and kisses me quickly. “Very handsome.” Continue reading


Happy birthday Ryke Meadows!

It’s September 19th and if you’re part of the Fizzle Force you know it’s time for Ryke’s birthday. *throws confetti* *sings happy birthday* It has gotten kind of a tradition for me to write a fic for the birthday boy or girl, so of course I couldn’t leave out Ryke. So without further ado, here’s a fic to celebrate his birthday, and his awesomeness. 


“Ryke, is that you?” Lo’s voice calls out as soon as I slam the front door close. “Yeah.” I call back. “Come here for a second,” he yells and I groan. “I fucking told you not to buy me any presents,” I grunt as I strut into the kitchen, just in time to see him roll his eyes. “I don’t have a present for you. Your girlfriend does, though.” He hands me a tablet and taps the screen. “Happy birthday!” Daisy’s voice sounds out of the device. She’s grinning at the camera, a plastic tiara on top of her head. “I know you don’t want any gifts, but I’m giving you something anyway.” Her eyes twinkle. “My gift to you.. is me. But you have to earn me! That’s why you have a series of tasks to complete. Lo will give you the list.” I look up and see Lo waving a piece of paper at me. “And no cheating! Lo will accompany you today to make sure you do every single one of them and only then you get your present.” She grins widely and blows a kiss at the camera. “Have a nice day!” And then the screen goes black. Lo grabs the tablet out of my hands and shoves the paper to my chest. I look at the list and groan. Continue reading

Happy birthday Lily Calloway!

Happy birthday Lily Calloway! Or should I say Hale? Krista and Becca created an amazing character that we have all come to love and since it’s her birthday, I decided to write a short fic in honor of that. I hope you guys enjoy and let me know in the comments what you think! 

“I can’t believe you took me to Paris.” Lo draws me to his chest. “You’re standing on top of the Eiffel Tower. Better believe it, love.” I lean into him, relaxed, and look out over the city. It’s ten in the morning and it’s still a little chilly, but we checked online before we left the hotel and it should get warmer later in the day. Tourists buzz around us, wearing sunhats and white sneakers and taking ten thousand pictures of their family. A lot of people are carrying around selfie sticks and are trying to take a good picture with Paris as their background. And no one speaks French. I don’t know what language they are speaking, my knowledge of language begins and ends pretty much with English. If Connor was here he could tell me exactly where everyone was from. But Connor is home with Rose and it’s just me and Lo. And it’s nice to have some time to ourselves, but I worry about Moffy anyway. Continue reading

Raisy Fanfiction: Before Long Way Down

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been a long time since I wrote a fanfic and I’m sorry for that! But I’ve decided to make it up to you with a Raisy fic. Once again: I do not own these characters, they’re from the talented and brilliant Krista and Becca Ritchie, and I’m only borrowing them. I hope you enjoy this fic and thanks for reading! 


I’m sat on the bed in drawstring pants only, a book balanced on my leg as I hear Daisy curse in the bathroom, followed by something clattering on the floor. She walks into the bedroom in a bra and panties only and her hair a mess. “I’m not going to that party.” She groans and plops down on the bed, just inches away from my feet. “You have to. Your mom is going to fucking kill you if you bail.” I say, closing the book. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Krista & Becca!

Hello Fizzle Force! Today is a very special day because it’s the birthday of two of our favorite authors, ever. Yes, yes, we are talking about Krista and Becca Ritchie, authors of the Addicted series and Amour Amour. Happy birthday ladies! We hope you have the greatest day ever, and eat lots of cake. Chocolate cake, of course.

We can honestly say you’re the nicest authors we have ever met. You are always so loving, giving and fierce with your fans. You always do everything you can to make us feel appreciated and that we matter to this fandom, these characters and these storylines. For that, we will be forever grateful. Sometimes it feels like we are one big loving family. *hugs you all Lily Calloway style*


We are immensely proud of you two, you have been able to craft these flawed characters that will always stay in our hearts. They feel very real, and it seems crazy to us that this series is going to end this year. But we can assure you that we will keep supporting you guys, in every way we can.

For this very special day, we wanted to give you some sort of birthday present. And of course, we have our very talented Amy to help us with that, doing what she does best (amongst other things). She wrote a fanfic! We hope you guys love it, and once again, have the happiest birthday today! You two deserve it ❤

Five days ago

I walk into the livingroom and spot Lily on the couch, reading a book. Her brown hair is in a sloppy bun and she has her legs pulled up to her chest, the book resting on her knees. I plop down next to her. “Whatcha reading?” She gives me some mumbled answer, too absorbed in the book. I smile a little, but when I look at the blurb and spot the word ‘sex addict’, my heart sinks. “Lily,” I groan and jerk the book from her hands. Continue reading

Happy birthday Connor Cobalt

connor's birthday banner

Its Connor Cobalt’s 26th birthday! To celebrate, a couple blogs are participating in a treasure hunt which will give you entries for an awesome giveaway! All the credit for this amazing idea goes to Little Pieces of Imagination. Each blog did their own thing to celebrate Connor’s birthday and we decided to write a fanfic. You can enter the giveaway here, and win a signed, personalized copy of Kiss the Sky, a Coballoway T-shirt and many more awesome prices!
Participating in the treasure hunt is not necessary to take part in the giveaway, but getting the right answer can get you extra 25 entries in the giveaway, which will be huge compared to the rest of the people who may just follow one or two people and comment on a few blogs, and increase your chances of winning something. The game is fairly easy, but a little time-consuming and needs your full attention. Read more about it on Little Pieces of Imagination to see how it all works. 

The other participating blogs are: Little Pieces of Imagination, Addicted Series DailyFluttering Heart Book NestNick’s Book BlogBook-a-holic FairiesAddicted Series Fan PageFoxy BlogsBookish Musings and Teacups and Book Love.  

Thanks to our amazing Amy (bless that girl and her awesome ideas), you can see the clique throwing a very special party for our birthday boy! 

Good luck with the treasure hunt and hope you enjoy our fanfic! 

WARNING: If you haven’t read Addicted After All (or the Addicted Series at all) this fanfic will contain spoilers. 

Continue reading