20 days till Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Good morning, little gremlins!

It’s manu here! My holidays just started and I’m already looking forward to their end because then it’ll be January… and January means NEVER NEVER COMES OUT!!


This book is written by Colleen Hoover (my goddess) and Tarryn Fisher (who I didn’t know, but I’m reading her books and I can say that she’s awesome).


If this isn’t enough to make you excited (which it is for me), let’s give a look at the cover and the summary!



Best friends since they could walk.

In love by the age of fourteen.

Dating for over four years.

Complete strangers since this morning.

She’ll do everything she can to never forget.

He’ll do everything he can to never remember.

Too bad it’s not up to them.


Well, this is even more than enough for me. I’m not sure whether to love Colleen and Tarryn or be mad at them because I ship these two like crazy and I know close to nothing about them, expect that they’re gonna rip my heart out of my chest. I’m not sure this is gonna end happily but I’m sure this will be one of those books that leave you on the floor sobbing even if it has a happy ending…


Anyway, Colleen posted an excerpt on her facebook , and I’m sure you can hear my scream from wherever you live.

We walk across the lawn in front of the school, and Silas raises his eyebrows. “You can’t outplay me. I don’t know myself well, but I can tell I have a lot of game.”
“Oh please,” I say. “If you were a game, Silas, you’d be Monopoly. You go on and on until everyone ends up cheating just to be over with it.”
He’s quiet for a minute. I feel bad for saying something so awkward even if it was a joke.
“You’re probably right,” he laughs. “Lucky for you I’m not Monopoly Silas anymore. I’m Tetris Silas. And all my pieces and parts are going to fit into all of your pieces and parts.”

Aren’t they adorable? I never thought something like tetris could be so romantic and swoon worthy. I’m seriously worried for our mental health, this is gonna hurt like hell! I mean, Colleen brings humor and romance, even though there are always painful parts in between, but from what I’ve read by Tarryn, she brings tragedy… So, I guess we can all go to a therapist together after this one. Why am I so excited for something that will most likely kill me?


So mark your calendars! Never Never comes out January 11th!

I’ll be here ready to enjoy this emotional rollercoaster with you! *hugs*

manuela calloway sisters

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